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Disney kid Bella Thorne's racy Candie's ads: Too young to sell sexy?

Disney kid Bella Thorne’s sultry photos for her new modeling gig with Candie’s have caused plenty of controversy today. Thorne's pictures are seen as disturbing to many as the 16-year-old is barely dressed in the ads. Why take a 16-year-old kid and put her in a tiny bikini or bra that’s barely covering her essentials when there are beautiful adult models out there?

Bella Thorne's sexy Candie's ads are seen as too sexy for the 16-year-old Disney kid by some today.

Fox News on Jan. 17, suggests that these pictures are inappropriate for a kid that is only 16 and many agree with them today. One shot of Bella’s backside in a string bikini along with the young star’s facial expression seems to have drummed up the most buzz today. These ads seem to rip the Disney kid out of her “Shake It Up” mode and put her in an adult venue where she just doesn’t belong so early in life.

Unfortunately many of her fans have deemed Bella “perfect” in this new ad, tweeting compliments of “beautiful,” “sexy,” “stunning,” “amazing” and “Bella Perfect Thorne.” Yes, she is all of these things, but it is her age that's causing the controversy today.

This could be a problem for her young audience as these “ads can have a negative impact on Thorne’s young fans,” suggests Relationship Expert from, Emma K. Viglucci.

No one is debating whether Bella looks sexy or not, she’s got that look down pat. The problem is that Bella is just too young to show up looking so sexy in an ad. She has the rest of her life to look sexy and enticing, she only has a few more years left of being a kid.

When Fox411 contacted Disney they declined comment. It would be interesting to hear how they feel when a star of one of their popular venues for kids jumps from Disney kid to sultry teen overnight. Miley Cyrus waited to start her campaign to show as much skin as humanly possible until after Disney was her former life.

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