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'Disney Infinity 2.0' will bring Marvel and Disney characters together

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Photo courtesy of Disney, used with permission

A fad has developed the past few years of releasing some games with the requirements of little figurines to play as the character. Activision started this with Skylanders, and Disney soon followed with Infinity. Disney is now using its ties with Marvel to its advantage in Disney Infinity 2.0. The Avengers and a few others will be characters that you can pick up and play as in a giant, open-world New York City. This author had the opportunity to sit down and get some time with Infinity 2.0 at E3 2014.

Bringing Marvel and Disney characters together
Photo courtesy of Disney, used with permission

There will be two major portions to Infinity 2.0, the Marvel story and the Toy Box. The Marvel story allows you to play initially as Avengers characters, Spiderman, or Venom. According to Disney, there will be six playable characters per set with more to announced, and the sets will vary from $12.99-$13.99 depending on the retailer. Infinity 2.0 will be available on PS4, PS3, Xbox One, Xbox 360, Wii U, PC, and iOS. The Wii U will incorporate touchpad functions. Disney is also aiming for 60 frames per second, but is still working to achieve 1080p resolution on the newer consoles.

The game has a more light, animated, and colorful look to it. Players can use different powers to complete missions, and even use vehicles to get around. Players like Nova can fly, which will be needed to navigate the top of skyscrapers. The biggest thing with the Marvel characters and Infinity 2.0 will be collecting the figures and being able to play as your favorite characters.

The other half of Infinity 2.0 involves the Toy Box. The Toy Box is where anyone can create a world and a setting, and share it with others. The first Infinity would allow Disney to choose up to five a week to share. Now, Disney will be approving up to one hundred designs per day to share. On top of this, if you have a friend, you can share it privately. The Toy Box for 2.0 will allow Disney and Marvel characters to work together on the same levels. Spiderman and Mr. Incredible on the same map working together will certainly be a fantasy for some. Most importantly is that the Toy Box is non-console restrictive. This means any system you play on, you can create a Toy Box, save it to the cloud, and use it on a different console. The PC version of the Toy Box is digital and free.

Customization in games adds a lot of depth to titles, especially titles that allowed personal shared content. This definitely seems to be the future of gaming and to have something like this feature Marvel characters will surely reel in some fan boys. Stay tuned for more information involving Disney Infinity 2.0.

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