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Disney for Grown Ups scavenger hunt, Disney California Adventure IPAs

I spy IPA..
I spy IPA..

What do you get when you cross the latest beer sensation with The Happiest Place on Earth? You get an even happier place full of the world's luckiest craft beer drinkers. The Disneyland Resort, specifically Disney California Adventure is home to several spectacular attractions, some unexpectedly amazing Disney cocktails and a generally unpublicized wealth of really, really good beer. We're here to help with the publicity bit.

IPA, that is India Pale Ale, has taken over. From dive bars to baseball games this quality, flavor-hefty beer is replacing traditional, lighter favorites in the hands and on the palates of dedicated consumers. California is a bastion of exquisite craft beer. Disney California Adventure endeavors to represent all that is wonderful about this fair state. Pressure to keep the Disneyland Resort as family friendly as possible, while understandable and appreciated, means the presence of alcohol is not thoroughly publicized. From anywhere in the park you are mere hops away (see what we did there?) from one of creations better brews and may not even know it. With the following scavenger's guide you will be able to locate several of California's finest IPAs. Pop over and get one while your children go on that ride you can't handle:

Racer 5 - If you identify Bear Republic Brewing Co's Racer 5 IPA as one of your favorites, you will find yourself in enthusiastic, well-supported company. Disney understands and appreciates this, and has graced their park with it accordingly. The fortunate may locate Racer 5 at Flo's V8 Cafe in Cars Land, and nearby in the incredible, if even more sparingly publicized Alfresco Tasting Terrace;,upstairs from the Wine Country Trattoria. These locations are essentially in the heart of the park where the typical guest will pass by them several times on an average visit. As a now well-informed guest, you may stop in at each of them on your now distinctly above-average visit.

Tower 10 - Witnessing the profound growth of Karl Strauss, a once tiny San Diego brewery, truly touches the heart. Seeing it partnered with and served at the Disneyland Resort brings order to a chaotic universe. Tower 10 IPA is Karl Strauss' most successful venture into the impacted India Pale Ale category. It's unbelievable and gives Racer 5 a run for its money, which, on the whole, benefits our entire civilization. Along with an excellent selection of Karl Strauss craft favorites, Tower 10 is dispensed from a charming Beer Truck on the Pacific Wharf dining patio. A delightful area to sit and enjoy a beer flavored with love, its proximity to Radiator Springs, via a walkway shortcut, is simply another hidden Disney-designed blessing. When your family ambles into the two-hour Radiator Springs Racers line, mention how your back/knee/impatience is acting up, and you are going to find a place to sit down. Disney veterans know Flo's Cafe is the closest refuge, though we will point out your family will be able to see you from there.

Important - It is not recommended you blithely abandon your family at Disney to go have a beer. Although..had anyone listened to you about getting to the park before the Radiator Springs FastPasses ran out, there wouldn't be any two-hour line.

Torpedo - Many are familiar with, and adore Sierra Nevada Pale Ale. The privileged are aware of, and pursue Sierra Nevada's bold and delicious Torpedo IPA. Disney has both. Dropped into the Paradise Pier area of the park, Bayside Brews is an oasis of adult refreshment. Straddled by several kids' attractions and a sprawling dining area, grownups needn't even concoct a reason to grab a Torpedo. Once you've had one, try not to be too obvious about steering your family back to this area. Your kids are going to catch on by the sixth or seventh time you dump them on the Jumpin' Jellyfish.

Please drink responsibly. Remember where you are, and don't actually ditch your family.

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