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Disney Fairies The Pirate Fairy coloring and craft activities

The latest installment in the Tinker Bell/Disney Fairies series of direct to DVD movies is The Pirate Fairy. The movie comes out on DVD and Blu-Ray on April 1, 2014. The Pirate Fairy plot features a curious dust fairy that experiments with making different colors of pixie dust and ends up running away and joining up with pirates when her efforts are not appreciated by the fairies. She comes back and steals the blue dust and the real adventure begins with Tinker Bell and friends going after her to save the dust and eventually also Zarina. There is also some back story to Captain Hook and the crocodile within the movie. Below are some craft and coloring activities related to The Pirate Fairy.

Magical Pixie Dust Lamp Craft - Turn a jar into a fun pixie dust lamp with this craft.

Skull Rock Maze - Print this out and find your way through the maze.

The Pirate Fairy Activity Page - This page includes connect-the-dots, matching, and spot the difference activities.

The Pirate Fairy Coloring Pages - These coloring pages features the fairies in pirate attire.

The Pirate Fairy Pirate Crafts - Make a hat and a sword with this project.

The Pirate Fairy Valentines Day Cards - These are printable cards to cut out and give.

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