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Disney Channel star Olivia Holt goes from 'Kickin' It' to 'I Didn't Do It'

When last we spoke to Olivia Holt, she was headlining the Disney Channel original movie Girl vs. Monster. Now the young actress is starring in a brand new TV series for the network, I Didn't Do It. BFTV recently spoke with Olivia about getting her own show, her departure from Kickin' It, and more.

Olivia Holt stars as Lindy Watson in the Disney Channel original series 'I Didn't Do It.'
Disney Channel

On I Didn't Do It, Olivia plays the role of high school freshman Lindy Watson, who - along with her twin brother Logan and her best friends - gets into a new predicament every episode and has to explain her way out of it. It's a high-energy series and one that she told us is just as fun for her to make.

"This overall experience has been so exciting and everyone is such an endless joy to work with," she enthused. "Every day something new and exciting happens! It's been too fun! Especially filming all the episodes, because each episode our characters get involved in some bizarre shenanigan. The one that sticks out the most is 'Lindy-licious.' We had smoothie poured all over us and even some popcorn, too."

I Didn't Do It also serves as a reunion for Olivia and Austin North, who guest-starred on an episode of Kickin' It before he landed the role of Lindy's brother, Logan. Was it easier for her to jump into a new series with a familiar face? "I'd say it's a bit easier, yes," she told us. "And Austin is so great to work with. We have definitely developed a brother-sister relationship even off-set. It's incredible."

Getting her own show meant that Olivia had to say goodbye to Disney XD's Kickin' It, the comedy where she played Kim Crawford. Though Kim left at the end of season three, "I'm hoping that [in] season four, she'll return for a few episodes," Olivia told us.

"Working with Disney is really and truly like working with a family. Everyone is so supportive and so wonderful. I've worked with Disney since I was twelve and they've given me so many opportunities that I'll forever be grateful for," she continued. "Disney holds this official fan club meet and greet called d23 every few years, and it's an absolute ball. I've been twice and every time I go, I get just as hyped as the fans do. It's so fun to meet people who love watching what you love making. It's truly so heart-warming and I love my fans."

So now that she's got her own TV series, what's next for Olivia Holt? "What's great about working on a sitcom is that I spend so much time with people who are in other fields as well, such as writing, directing, and/or camera operating. Being on set is like being on a playground," she told us. "I go from what thing to the next and I've learned so much and hope to continue learning."

"I've been working on my music a lot recently, which had been a big step for me, considering I've spent so much time with the show that I haven't really had a chance to work on another passion of mine - which is music," she added. "I hope to have an album out by this year and also to have worked on a film. [I'm] starting to set goals for myself and [my] career."

I Didn't Do It airs Sundays at 9 PM ET/PT on Disney Channel; you can also check out our interview with Olivia's co-star, Austin North. For more on Olivia Holt, you can follow her on Twitter (@Olivia_Holt).

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