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Disney Channel Says "Goodbye, Charlie"

Goodbye, Charlie
Goodbye, Charlie

First Lizzie Mcguire then Hannah Montana, Wizards of Waverly Place and recently Shake It Up now the tween network bids farewell to "Good Luck Charlie." The half-hour comedy has been on for four-seasons and stared Bridgit Mendler as Teddy, a high school student that films video diaries for her baby sister Charlie; in the videos Teddy leaves Charlie advice on how to handle their out of the box family, relationships and some unorthodox problems.

The series will air its' finale episode Sunday, Feb. 16 with an hour long speical entitled "Goodbye, Charlie." In the episode, the family plans for Teddy's college going away party but the idea of leaving causes her to have difficulties filming her finale video diary for Charlie. There will be some surprises in the episodes like an appearance from an certain ex of Teddy's that may or may not still have feelings for her.

In the week leading up to GLC farewell, Disney Channel will be sending it off with a bang having each castmember host a night of their favorite episodes of the show; starting off with Bridgit Mendler on Monday, Feb. 10. Finally, on Feb. 15th the whole cast will take fans on one last trip down memory lane.