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Disney Channel's 'Good Luck Charlie' introduces network's 1st gay couple ever

In case you missed it, the Disney Channel featured its first ever same-sex couple on the show "Good Luck Charlie" on Sunday.

Disney's "Good Luck Charlie's" same-sex couple

Lesbian moms Susan and Cheryl dropped off their daughter for a play date with the family's daughter Charlie.

Actress Desi Lydic, who played Susan, tweeted "I'm so proud to be part of that episode! Go Disney! #equality."

Last June, Disney channel producers announced the decision to include a same-sex couple on the children's show.

"This particular storyline was developed under the consultancy of child development experts and community advisors," a Disney Channel spokesperson told TV Guide. "Like all Disney Channel programming, it was developed to be relevant to kids and families around the world and to reflect themes of diversity and inclusiveness."

Former Disney star Miley Cyrus tweeted in support, "I commend Disney for making this step into the light of this generation."

Not everyone feels the same. One Million Moms posted an official call to action on their website:

"Disney has decided to be politically correct instead of providing family-friendly programming. Disney should stick to entertaining, not pushing an agenda. Conservative families need to urge Disney to avoid controversial topics that children are far too young to comprehend. This is the last place a parent would expect their children to be confronted with topics that are too difficult for them to understand. Mature issues of this nature are being introduced too early and too soon, and it is extremely unnecessary."

The American Academy of Pediatrics supports same-sex marriage. Last year, the group of pediatricians released a policy statement in support of same-sex parents’ right to wed as well as to foster or adopt children. The organization believes in gay marriage “to promote optimal health and well-being of all children.”

Dr. Ben Siegel, a co-author of the policy statement says, “We know enough about child development that we can say that children are nurtured when they have two loving, supportive, committed-to-each-other adults to take care of them. Kids growing up with two same-sex parents are as normally developed as the rest of the population.”

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