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Disney brings live-action Dumbo to the big screen through 'Transformers' writer

Disney has already given us several live-action remakes of their classic tales and it is apparent they’ve decided to go ahead and run with that the way the rest of Hollywood decided to run with superhero remakes. However, this time they’re moving away from princesses and witches/evil queens and they’re taking it to the circus.

Disney is making a live-action remake of "Dumbo."
Flickr Creative Commons, Henry Mestre

Entertainment Weekly reported on Tuesday that Disney is already working on bringing ‘Dumbo’ to the big screen in a big way. Though there will likely be the same moments where you cry uncontrollably at the separation of Jumbo Jr. and Mrs. Jumbo, there will hopefully be some impressive action additions as well.

We take that hint from that fact that the screenplay is being taken on by ‘Transformers’ writer Ehren Kruger and that Justin Springer, (“Oblivion,” “Tron: Legacy”) will assist in producing. Now as all these live-action tales have done, “Dumbo” will be different than the beloved original cartoon. EW reports that a family’s story will be added in that parallels Dumbo’s original story.

And we know we’re going to see some incredible CG flying elephants, but how else do you think the story could benefit from a little computer assistance. Will the scene where Timothy Q. Mouse and Dumbo get drunk become an even trippier affair with those pink elephants? Will there be a fantastic explosion when Dumbo brings down the big top?

Whatever happens in the plot, there is one thing that definitely should not happen. Hopefully, they don’t try to make the animals physically talk. Ideally, they’ll take the classic “Homeward Bound,” or “Milo and Otis” approach and convey what they want with head tilts, body posture and nice voice-overs. Otherwise, we could just be looking at the the strangeness of “Zookeeper” told over a beloved Disney tale.

Disney’s done fairly well monetarily with these remakes, but they’re definitely taking a gamble on the animals with this one. Maybe our faith will be a bit restored when their live-action “Jungle Book” comes out in 2015.

What could they do to the story that would really ruin it for you?

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