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Disney bowling balls a hot seller on eBay

Disney bowling balls are a popular kids item on eBay.

In a world where kids are inundated with technology and electronics, some kids are still enjoying low-tech old fashioned bowling. But they have to be stylish and use the latest character bowling ball. That's where Disney saw an opportunity to make bowling balls for kids. And they aren't cheap.

Disney bowling balls retail for $139 for a purple Tinkerbell perfect for your little princess bowler. The Disney Toy Story bowling ball retails for $84. Or maybe the Monsters Inc Mike Eyeball bowling ball is more to your liking? Those retail for upwards of $80.

This is the type of item a parent might buy the "child who has everything" for it only to go rarely used or unused, then sold at a garage sale or donated to a charity thrift store. Amazingly, kids bowling balls sell for great prices on eBay in used condition. Disney is a recognizable brand that holds its value over time. And then there are kids who are really into bowling and would love this type of gift and use it, and eventually out grow it and need to move onto a heavier ball.

So what can you expect from the sale of a used Disney bowling ball on eBay? Here are some examples:

Tinkerbell sells for $65 and up

Disney Princess sells for $65 and up

Monsters Inc, Sulley, or Mike eyeball sells for up to $50

Mickey and Minnie Mouse can sell for up to $50

Bowling balls sell for a higher price if the matching bag is included. One perk to selling bowling balls - although heavy, they are durable and aren't likely to break during shipment. Most fit well in an 8 x 8 x 12 Priority mailing box. Just wrap a few times with bubble wrap.

See all completed listings for Disney character bowling balls on eBay here.

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