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Disney Autotopia

Young drivers gain valuable experience driving the Autotopia track at Disneyland. It may seem like just another ride for adults but for kids, the Autotopia is a chance to do what their parents do every day, drive.

Pick your favorite color car to drive at Autotopia.
Pick your favorite color car to drive at Autotopia.
Kate O'Mara
Get your own Autotopia driver's license
Kate O'Mara

Autotopia cars are low to the ground and kids friendly. Pick from an array of coloured cars: blue, green red, orange, or yellow. Meet the height requirement and you can drive a car around the track. The track races past the hidden parts of Tomorrowland. The cars are safe on the track with a guide rail to help new drivers stay straight. Get out of line and the car will adjust back to the center.

Parents or big people can help little people drive by pushing on the accelerator for them as the little ones use the steering wheel. It’s a fun and memorable experience for young children. They’ll understand there is more to driving than just going

A photo booth is conveniently located to have your picture taken and placed on an official Autotopia driver’s license. It’s a nice souvenir to take home.

Autotopia is one of the original rides from Disneyland’s opening in 1955. The cars and track have transformed and updated over the years. Other versions of Autotopia can be driven in Paris, Hong Kong, Tokyo and Florida.

It’s just a rumor but the next upgrade of Autotopia will move away from exhaust and the combustible engine and again show us what’s to come in the future. Perhaps it will be completely battery operated? Or solar powered? Or maybe even magnetic hover craft? Let’s see how the Imagineers push forward in Tomorrowland.

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