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Disney and Pixar sings Let It Snow from the movie Frozen

Sometimes there is an animated movie which comes along that touches the heart of many a movie goer. "Frozen" from Disney Studios was one of those movies. Like a lot of other Disney animated movies this one was both a a love story and a musical.

The movie featured the Academy Award winning song "Let it Go" which on the soundtrack was sung by Idina Menzel who also did a great job belting out the tune at the Academy Awards. There is also another version of the song on the soundtrack which was released as a single. This version was recorded by Demi Lovato.

Now though out the Internet and especially on YouTube there are a number of versions of the song circulating. One video of the song has especially caught the attention of many. The new version features a Disney and Pixar voice over specialist singing the song featuring the voices of many of the Disney characters from their hit movies.

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