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Disney acquires South Korean developer Studio EX


The monopolization efforts of Disney is at it again, this time in an acquisition of Korean dev Studio EX. Purchasing the studio is an attempt on Disney's part to start taking more of an active role in Asia's free-to-play, multiplayer games market. The developer has yet to release a single game, but they currently have several titles in the works, including Pantheon of Heroes and Galaxy X, which will be for the average Facebook user, and all of their future games will be aimed at mobile and online markets and will bear Disney's brand.

Details regarding the acquisition are still under wraps, but Disney released this statement today:

The Walt Disney Company has acquired Studio Ex, a games development studio in Korea that focuses on multiplayer, free-to-play online and mobile games. Through a stock purchase agreement, Studio Ex is now a wholly owned subsidiary of The Walt Disney Company reporting into Disney Interactive."

Disney has only been a small part of the video game industry, with purchases like Club Penguin and Playdom, but they're moving up in the entertainment industry as a whole. With acquisitions such as LucasFilm and Marvel under their belt, this may well be the first steps to the purchase of a larger game developer.

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