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Dismissal of petition to ban lead ammunition

The debate on gun control has lessened since the thundering fall of the assault weapons ban earlier this year. With the fear of losing specific firearms and firearms related items, it has left many in a state of “panic” buying up things as quickly as they can. Likewise, with the wake of gun related tragedies in this country over the past year, some other anti-firearm agencies have ridden on the coat tails of anti-firearm and gun control campaigns.

One of these examples is the dismissal a case by the environmental group Center for Biological Diversity. The group aimed to ban the use of lead ammunition due to the danger it poses for animals and the environment. The Center for Biological Diversity filed their petition to the Environmental Protection Agency in 2010, which was denied on the grounds of legal authority pertaining to the Toxic Substance Control Ban in 2010.

Recently, a second petition to a Federal Judge was also denied, stating that the second petition was the same as the first.

The ban of lead ammunition would be a devastating effect on the hunting community and would lead to an astronomical rise in ammunition prices across the board. Thankfully, certain legislative agencies realize the importance of hunting and firearm usage. Radical groups will always be looking to reduce the amount of gun ownership in this country. For West Texas, that is most likely no time soon.

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