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Dyslexia and other facts about Davis and White Olympic figure skaters

Behind Davis and White
Behind Davis and White
Photo by Clive Mason/Getty Images

Spoiler alert: Meryl Davis and Charlie White bring home the first US gold medal in ice dancing. With the time difference from Sochi to the US, the event has already taken place but won’t be aired until this evening. Following are four facts about figure skating as well as information on the Olympic pair, Meryl Davis and Charlie White:

  1. Possibly the most fascinating reports about the pair, for homeschoolers, is that according to a report on NBC, Meryl Davis was diagnosed with dyslexia when she was 9 years old. For children following in her footsteps receiving a similar diagnosis, she is an amazing role model to look up to as a person who overcame and became a success. Another recent endeavor in the advancement of helping those with dyslexia was announced in a Huffington Post article about a new coffee table book that expresses what it’s like to have the disorder.
  2. Both Davis and White were born and grew up in Michigan.
  3. Since they look so amazingly romantic gliding across the ice, many wonder if Davis and White are dating. While it is unclear whether or not Meryl Davis is dating anyone else; according to a few interviews with the skater as well as reported on, Charlie White is in a relationship with former skater, Tanith Belbin.
  4. Learn to draw a figure skater and other Olympic sports events with this easy step-by-step instruction sheet from Activity Village.

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