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Disinformation, Noam Chomsky on provocateurs and misconceptions of Occupy Denver

Occupy Denver Protest
Occupy Denver Protest
Chris Steele

On Saturday October, 22 there was an Occupy Denver march at 12 p.m. After the march Occupy Denver protesters watched performances at Civic Center Park while most of the protesters stayed near 14th and Broadway. Contrary to some reports, Occupy Denver has never been violent or anti-police. Occupy Wall Street, Occupy Denver, and all Occupy movements across the country agree that police are part of the 99 percent. The Denver Post falsely reported yesterday that Occupy Denver protesters marched down 16th Street Mall Saturday night “Chanting vulgar epithets towards Denver police officers,” that resulted in one arrest. (

The protest that marched down 16th Street Mall Saturday night was in regards to International Day of Action Against Police Terror. The march started at the Denver Zoo in remembrance of Alonzo Ashley who died after being tased by police in July.

On the topic of provocateurs or provocative agents I had a personal correspondence with Noam Chomsky last week. In regards to provocateurs being present at Occupy protests around the nation and who might be backing provocateurs Chomsky stated, “It’s very often done, and I’d be surprised if it isn’t happening this time. Not necessarily corporate.”

The following are some misconceptions about Occupy Denver and Occupy Wall Street:

Occupy Denver is the tea party movement for democrats. Occupy Wall Street states they are the 99 percent. The 99 percent includes Republicans, tea party members, Democrats, libertarians, and anarchists. By observing an Occupy Denver protest there is a diverse amount of people from all different age ranges and political beliefs.

The Occupy protests are anti-capitalist. People at Occupy Denver have conversations ranging from putting regulations on corporations to changing the way capitalism works. John Willington Ennis recently commented in a Huffington Post article, “Occupy Wall Street is not anti-capitalism. We don't live in capitalism. Capitalism is supposed to be merit based and left to the market -- consumers -- to decide where innovation and service is found. What has been foisted on us again and again is not a fair and open market. Massive companies spend huge sums to avoid paying taxes altogether.”

Occupy Denver is violent and they don’t know what they want. Occupy Denver and Occupy Wall Street have been nonviolent since they started. The only known arrests are due to civil disobedience for park curfew.

People at Occupy Denver need to get a job. When visiting Occupy Denver I met nurses, doctors, and business owners. There are plenty of people there who are unemployed but to say the protesters don’t have a job is not true. Some protesters hold up signs before or after work as well.