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Dishonesty is Obama’s legacy not Obamacare

Dishonesty is Obama’s legacy not Obamacare. Before President Obama was elected inaugurated, he stated ‘Transparency and the rule of law’ would be touchstones of his administration. It hasn’t exactly happened that way primarily due to the fact that Obama was never honest or transparent. Very little was reported of his past. When there were unfavorable reports about him, his confidants and the media immediately quashed any proof of his indiscretions.

Now in his sixth year, the administration continues its dishonesty. Does anyone really believe there are 7 million enrollees in Obamacare, given the disastrous rollout? The administration couldn’t keep track of the system shutdowns. For nearly two months after the rollout, nobody in the administration could state any figures of who actually enrolled in the government exchange programs.

Health and Human Services Sebelius said 7 million enrollees would be a success. She later denied making that claim. She and Obama were all smiles yesterday boasting they hit the target. Now six months later, the administration can’t release accurate figures of actual paid enrollees. The administration along the way has issued 38 exemptions unlawfully defying the provisions of the bill, that’s about the only accurate figure in this whole laughable debacle.

Obama and Sebelius aren’t mentioning the 6 million Americans who lost their insurance coverage due to Obamacare or the hospitals and insurance companies not participating either. The administration can’t even identify people who previously didn’t have insurance coverage which was the supposed intent of Obamacare.

Obama will be in Ann Arbor today nestled in a safe college campus surrounding along with Democrat senate candidate Gary Peters. Peters has been hiding in snow bunkers all winter. He hasn’t been public at all during this whole Obamacare calamity. For good reason, polling data indicates he trails GOP candidate Terri Lynn Land and Obamacare isn’t going to boost his campaign.

The entire Obama administration has deceived and lied to the country in the stories ranging from Obamacare to the IRS scandal and Benghazi. They have lied like a band of criminals, which is what they really are.

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