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Dish offers free iPad 2 with Hopper DVR

For a limited time, Dish Network Corp. (NASDAQ: DISH), the second-largest satellite TV operator in the U.S., is offering a free iPad 2 for those who get the Hopper.

The Apple tablet sells for anywhere between $399 to $529 when purchased in retail stores or online.

USDish, an authorized Dish retailer based in Salt Lake City, is hoping that the holiday promotion will lead to a surge in demand for its popular Hopper DVR device, an open source platform, which recently gained 35,000 new pay-TV subscribers in the third quarter. calls the technology “one of the top products in the marketplace” for 2013.

Hopper DVR

“Dish is currently offering an iPad 2 for free when you get the Hopper,” says a spokesperson for the satellite TV provider. “The iPad enhances the customers viewing experience when coupled with Dish’s new TV anywhere technology. Viewers can watch live TV and anything from their DVR anywhere with an internet connection.”

Here are features of the Hopper DVR:

  • Enables users to pause, rewind and record live programming in any room. You can access your DVR on all televisions in your home.
  • Skip commercials in recorded primetime TV.
  • Converts a computer, smartphone, or tablet into a mini-television.
  • Records 3 hours of primetime programming up to 8 days from the initial air date.
  • Records up to six live channels at once, including 4 from local networks
  • Its 2 TB hard drive lets users store up to 2,000 hours of shows and movies.
  • Internet connectivity gives users access to more than 15,000 On Demand titles.
  • Ability to transfer programs to devices.
  • Access apps such as Facebook and Twitter from your television.

“The Hopper is the most unique value proposition Dish has to offer,” says a spokesperson for the company.

Satellite TV

Strong demand for Dish’s products has been viewed favorably by Wall Street. For the year, the company’s stock has traded as high as $54.39 (from $33.79) after Dish won court rulings in both the West Coast and Eastern seaboard.

Some industry observers contend that the Hopper DVR is a disruptive technology that could shake up the television and advertising and industry. With the device, subscribers are able to automatically skip commercials.

Dish argues that consumers have the right to privately watch shows anywhere, anytime. Thus far, the courts have agreed.

With the holiday season in full swing, consumers have embraced Dish’s bundling of satellite TV services. “Dish now offers dishNET, satellite Internet that can be bundled with Dish TV service,” says a company spokesperson. “DishNET can be purchased as a bundle, or as a standalone Internet product depending on the customer’s needs. When bundled with Dish TV, a $10 discount is applied to your bill every month.”

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