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Dish Network debuts Wireless Joey

Dish Network debuts the Wireless Joey
Dish Network debuts the Wireless Joey

Watch TV 'virtually' anywhere with the new Wireless Joey from Dish.

Yes, anywhere in your house with no need for wires.

Since Dish is the first pay television company to use 802.11 AC to bring customers HDTV, they can deliver data faster and in a way customers have never been able to experience before.

This also allows a family or roommates to install up to three Wireless Joeys in one household.

Powerful stuff, and cutting edge technology.

“Wireless Joey expands installation options where coaxial or Ethernet wiring is either difficult or undesirable, eliminating unsightly wire runs,” said Vivek Khemka, DISH Senior Vice President of Product Management. “You’re no longer forced to position your TV on the same wall or near a room’s coax outlet. Whether you’re in a new house, an older home or on a backyard patio enjoying a family cookout, Wireless Joey delivers television where you want it.”

The Wireless Joey connects with not one wire to the Hopper Whole-Home HD DVR via a dedicated 802.11ac access point, courtesy of Dish.

Your installation will include a Wireless Joey client and a Wireless Joey 802.11ac access point. This connects to the Hopper and the access point creates a Wi-Fi network that will run up to three Wireless Joey clients.

This new dedicated Wi-Fi network is separate from a home’s existing wireless network and subscribers get high quality video that even works in homes without Internet access.

Dish customers are free to add Wireless Joeys to their current Hopper system for $7 per month per device. There is a one-time $50 fee for the wireless access point, which can handle up to three Wireless Joeys.

Visit for all the details or call 1-800-333-DISH.

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