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Disgusting jobs in the medical field

Medical Jobs
Medical Jobs

Not everyone has what it takes to be a disposer of medical waste, or a urologist. In fact, most of us are downright squeamish, sitting pretty in our comfortable office jobs while the real heros are out there examining prostates.

Crime and Trauma Scene Decontamination, or CTS Decon teams may well have the toughest job. Cleaning up after crime scenes from suicide to rape can't be what anyone would consider easy. On a regular basis, these guys have to clean up blood, brain matter, and all other varieties of gore with a stomach of steel. CTS Decon technicians generally have previous training in not so pleasant jobs such as EMTs or emergency room nurses.

Your modest nine-to-five isn't looking so bad anymore, now is it? Take a look at this infographic for more on the gruesome jobs you could have had if you didn't take the safe road. Let us know what you think in the comments, and don't forget to like and share!