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Disgraceful – high school suspends student for wearing NRA-t-shirt – no rights

Schools are getting in on the act of taking away a student’s freedom of speech when it comes to standing strong for the U.S. Constitution and the Second Amendment. Two weeks ago it was a California appeals court siding with a school and Latinos who wanted white students to not wear shirts with the American flag in open display. Now in New York a school ordered a student to take off his Smith& Wesson sweatshirt, according to the Blaze.

student suspended  for wearing NRA  t-shirt
- photo credit - WGRZ-TV

The message is pretty darn clear in an Obamanized America, “marginalize basic constitutional freedoms and minimize access to any method of displaying one’s support for gun rights,” and that includes school students. That is the disciplinary buzz saw that Shane Kinney, 16, and a student at Grand Island High School in upstate New York.

What about the freedoms that the sophomore and his fellow students are learning about the basic freedoms that the founders of the nation fought and died for? Null and void is the policy that the administrators are enforcing and it is totally disturbing to both Shane Kinney and his parents.

Just where is the limit when it comes to where the U.S. Constitution is supposed to bend to the naked unabridged will of school officials who determine that a flag or in the case of “Protected by Smith and Wesson” sweatshirt is offensive? He was ordered to take the sweatshirt off, so the student was made to place duct tape over the words, reported the Blaze.

But the school officials did not stop with the sweat shirt. According to Kinney, who is a member of the NRA along with his parents, the situation became even dicier. He grew tired of the marginalization of his rights so he took the sweatshirt off and what was underneath sent school officials into a ballistic reaction.

It seems that the second layer of clothing was even more disturbing to them because the T-shirt he was wearing was a National Rifle Association T-shirt emblazoned with the phrases “2nd AMENDMENT Shall not be Infringed” and “Live Free or Die” and the pair of rifles crossed over each other,” according to the Blaze.

So if the truth about freedom and liberty hurts, then these school officials were having repeated heart attacks. The next move by them was to order him to turn the t-shirt inside out. He refused to abide by their order to submit, he received a one-day in-school suspension.

The school appeared to hang their unconstitutional overreach on the school code which, “also prohibits clothing which might “encourage …violent activities.” So the thought police thought wanted to curtail the Proud NRA supporting student. It did not work. His parents both complimented their son on is actions and commented that, “they taught their son to stand up for what he believes.”

His mom, Kim who works at the school was displeased with the school’s apparent overreaction. She told WGRZ-TV that “that wearing such a T-shirt doesn’t mean you are for any kind of violence,” according to the Blaze.

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