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Discraft Starter set provides new players a mixed bag


Discraft Beginner Disc Golf Set

Wrapping up the analysis on the three best selling disc golf starter sets, the final breakdown is on the Discraft Beginner Set.  Unlike the Innova Starter sets, which feature two different collections of plastic, the DX set and the Champion set, the Discraft set mixes its plastic alternatives in one pack.  Discraft’s Pro-D plastic is comparable to Innova’s DX plastic in that the flight patterns of the disc begin to change with wear and tear.  The Elite-X plastic is more durable than the Pro-D plastic and holds true to its original characteristics even as it is broken in.

The XL fairway driver in the Discraft kit comes in the Pro-D plastic.  The XL holds a consistent line and is easy to control if thrown with some power.  It is a good beginner disc if it can be thrown hard.  If a new player can’t get speed on it, it will have some fade as the disc comes down. 

The mid-range disc in the Discraft starter set is the Buzzz-D.  This disc is also made with the Pro-D plastic but it is one of Discraft’s most popular discs.  The Buzzz-D is a straight flyer and is one of the easiest discs to learn to throw.

The highlight of the Discraft set is the Soft APX putter, made with the Elite-X plastic.  The APX has a soft feel which allows for a great grip on putts and helps the disc grab the chains.  It is a trustworthy disc that has a consistent, straight flight path. 

The Discraft starter set is less expensive than the two Innova sets and it is nice to have the two types of plastic in one set.  It gives new players a good variety in a first set of discs.

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