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Discovery Channel 'Amish Mafia' on episode 'De Rott'

This week's episode of "Amish Mafia," named "De Rott" hinted at the double lives of some of the stars.

Amish Mafia
Discovery Channel

Last year, they showed episodes of the young kids at hut parties and getting high from their locally grown weed. In this episode, the young people attended a wild party out in the middle of a field. They consume large amounts of alcohol, but this time, the cameras catch more. They film the beginnings of sexual scenes. Everything happens under the watchful eye of Levi’s hired man, Caleb. He said because this party was such a success, he was going to charge more for the next party. Just as things were heating up between two females, the police show up. Everyone scatters into the field.

Tonight we saw John blackmail Esther. He wants her to convince Levi to hire him back. If she didn’t, he was going to tell Levi that she is living a double life. The scene cuts away to show Esther and some other girls dressed in scanty English attire ready to go drinking and have a good time.

Caleb knows how to hot-wire tractors so he can shower a man and his produce with manure. When Levi comes to talk with Caleb about his method of doing things, Caleb listens, then hands Levi an envelope full of money that he received from various people. Levi drives away happy.

A concerned Amish mother seeks out Levi to tell him about her daughter. She said that the daughter is living in Iowa with an English man and he won't let her leave. Levi sends Big Steve to Iowa to bring the Amish girl back home. They show Big Steve as he makes his way through the airport with a burlap bag. When he accepted the assignment from Levi, he said that he was going to pack a sledgehammer in his bag. After the plane is in the air, Big Steve pulls out food to eat like smelly cheese and sausage. He offers to share his lunch with the lady sitting beside him, but she told him that she was full.

Big Steve arrives in Iowa. He jumps into taxi and he gives the driver a piece of paper with his destination written on it. When they arrive at the house where the Amish girl is located, Big Steve tells the driver to wait. He walks to the house and breaks down the door. He finds the Amish girl, pulls her to the waiting taxi and they speed away.

Wayne is secretly seeing an English woman named Karrie. However, the producers and film crew follow him so they could get footage of his activities. At one point in the show, Wayne tells his female companion that she has to become Amish so they can be together. He doesn't want to loose his job as Amish Aid. She tells him that she needs to think about it.

Merlin knows that Wayne is seeing Karrie. Merlin knows her because they met while he was hired to put siding on her parent’s house. He takes her for a buggy ride. While it is a cold day outside, he tells her to snuggle against him to keep warm. She politely refuses. Instead, she snuggles under the blanket he brought.

Merlin wants to send a message to Wayne so he gives Karrie a peacock feather. To her it is just a feather, but when Wayne saw it later that night and discovered who gave it to her, he was livid. He told her that in the Amish community, when a man gives a peacock feather to a woman, it means that he wants to be with her.

Karrie told Wayne that she wasn't interested.

Never a dull moment for the Amish in Lancaster County. Wonder what will happen next week? Amish Mafia comes on the Discovery Channel, Tuesdays at 8 p.m. central.

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