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Discovery about Chicago paranormal location Bachelor's Grove Cemetery

by Edward Shanahan

Headstones at Bachelors Grove Cemetery
Edward Shanahan - Chicago Medium, Chicago Paranormal Host.

Before I start about what I discovered about Bachelor's Grove Cemetery, let me invite you to view the free online magazine called: Bachelor's Grove Cemetery Tribute. The magazine will grow on a regular basis and it can be bookmarked.

Two recent articles written by the Southtown Star Newspaper and is published by the Chicago Sun-Times, are also included here for your reading: Vickroy: In search of the Madonna of Bachelors Grove and also an article that appeared about four weeks earlier by the same writer and newspaper: Vickroy: Bachelors Grove myths don’t stand ghost of a chance.

I have also posted a video with this article from April of 2013 when some of us after being at Senator Humphrey House in Orland Pk, went and visited Bachelor's Grove Cemetery and I used a device that I now use during my Circle of Energy Seances as the device helps in the communication with spirits.

My experience with Bachelors Grove Cemetery goes all the way back to 1974 (forty years ago), at the age of 16 when as a new driving teenager I was wandering back in Bachelors Grove Cemetery at night. The now passed Richard Crowe was the individual talking about Bachelors Grove Cemetery on the radio back then and only way of finding out about the haunting.

Besides Richard Crowe , author and true investigator Mr. Dale Kaczmarek and then myself would be the individuals known in the Chicago paranormal circle that go back the longest with Bachelors Grove Cemetery, as I mentioned it was way back in 1974 that I was exploring and experiencing it.

I have wondered in the past on my Facebook page because of the obsession with Bachelor's Grove Cemetery that some individuals seem to have or get lost within, I wondered if those type of individuals went to their love one’s grave sites more or less then they go to Bachelors Grove Cemetery? I always try to make it a point to visit my loved ones graves more then those who I do not know. But it is easy as I have lived my whole life within 15 minutes of Bachelors Grove Cemetery and even closer to those of my loved ones and the locations they are buried. So it is easy for me as I do not have to travel to explore the S.W. Suburban haunted locations in the Chicago land area.

What I discovered and have mentioned at the locations I have been asked to speak at are a few things that add up to the reason why.

First I have named Bachelors Grove Cemetery the Gettysburg of the Chicago Paranormal do to all the battles over this location between individuals to claim as theirs or to be the one showcasing the location. I feel there is a reason for the battles of being the one to showcase it, for one thing it something that is mega searched on the Internet.

So if you are pushing something or have a business then it is a business move as any web site you have that is pushing it, the person will be tied to it and the web page when it comes up in the Internet search. Then you also have those seeking to be the top person known for BGC. Do to my years involved in the Chicago area paranormal, I can honestly say yes there has been what I call battles over it, silly as it is, and the reason that is the fact that no one other then maybe the Tax Payers of Cook County own it.

Bachelors Grove Cemetery back in 2003 looked like it did in 1974 and you can view a tour I did of Bachelors Grove Cemetery and what you will be watching is uncut do to the fact that it is footage I used for the cable TV show I had called 'The Unexplained World' and broadcasted in the Chicago land area. You can view the video tour of Bachelors Grove Cemetery.

Second discovery and one that may back up why individuals become obsessed with the place, I have seen very negative things come to individuals lives who constantly have to be at the location, even what seems like becoming delusional about experiences and sounding worse when the experiences are discussed.

The thing is back when I was exploring Bachelors Grove Cemetery in 1974, there were stories about Cults, Satanic Rituals etc.. going on at Bachelors Grove Cemetery, then it came to me as a message, it was not Satanic Rituals, that is what any thing beyond the norm of religion was called back then, even Pagans and their rituals.

It was non-satanic like the Pagans and later Wicca beliefs and rituals. A ritual of protection for the land put on the area known as Bachelors Grove Cemetery, as Mother Nature should be allowed to take back what was once hers as no burials have gone on for years and any bodies that have not be removed by families, have become dust.

The protection of the land will always win out. Even though I have lived my whole 50 plus years within fifteen minutes of Bachelors Grove Cemetery and have a strong paranormal and spiritual connection to the S. W. Suburbs that has seen me written about in paranormal books and the newspapers, I have only visited Bachelors Grove Cemetery about eight to ten times in my life time. But when you believe, have experienced and know that their is a Spirit Side that you have communicated with, then there is no longer a need to go to the same location over and over again, unless the protection of the land has pulled you in and is going to make you another victim.

Also here is a free Chicago ghost and paranormal tour app, that can be downloaded and it is like receiving a an audio photo tour book of 16 haunted location of Archer Avenue. It can be found at: Chicago Haunted Archer Avenue Tour.

8/2009 Internet postings from one of Chicago's Top Paranormal Authors:
I've worked with Ed Shanahan for the past three years, and I can say that his last concern is profiting from anything. He is a lifelong resident of the Bachelors Grove area and wants nothing but to open people up to the possibilities of the paranormal. He's a great guy and a true blue friend if ever I had one. He's doing a great job informing people about the places dear to his heart, including Bachelors Grove, the Humphrey House, the Scutt Mansion, and others. It's a pleasure and honor for me to work with him.

Ms. Ursula Bielski - author of Chicago Haunts books and owner of Chicago Haunting Tours.

Edward Shanahan
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