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Discovering your signature scent

We all have a unique way about us, which makes us set apart from all the rest. From the way we wear our hair, to our walk and manner of dress, who we are and what we are about smolders from the very style we develop.

Every woman looking to create a style unmatched by any other must have the perfect scent to compliment. Finding the right scent is hugely important, because when you wear it, it’s like leaving your very own signature in the air. People will smell the scent and remember you for it. It will, from that point on be, Your Scent.

Selecting the right scent for you can be challenging, because there are so many fragrances on the market to choose from. Many times, the best way to find THE scent is by total accident. It is definitely a lot easier than going from bottle to bottle trying to find one that works with your body chemistry and does not trigger any adverse reactions.

If you decide to go on the search, use the cards provided in the stores to sample sniff. Do not spray directly onto your skin until after you have at least smelled everything that interests you and narrowed down your choices to the top two. The skin test should always be done on the pulse point of your wrist or the inside of your elbow. After spraying, allow the scent approximately an hour to die down and then give it another whiff. If it still smells unbelievable on, then purchase the smallest bottle available and apply it daily until you are absolutely certain this is the scent you would like to wear long-term. If your own personal attempts are unsuccessful, ask someone for a recommendation.

Remember, always apply your fragrance lightly, especially if you work in a closed in space and never spray on in public. Always be courteous of others and any allergies they may experience from the scent of perfume. Layering your favorite fragrance is a good way to ensure it will last throughout the day, without over doing it. Most have an entire line of products to offer, such as: body wash, bubble bath and body lotion. Use all of these and let your fragrance be the finishing touch!