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Discovering the past

Reconnect with unknown past at this exhibit
Reconnect with unknown past at this exhibit
Courtesy of the Charles H. Wright Museum's website

Charles H. Wright Museum is participating and exhibiting Who Am I: My DNA Diary.  In collaboration with an exhibition of National Geographic & IBM's Genographic Project with Lucy, The Story of Human Origins. It runs now until October 2010.  The five year research project headed by National Geographic scientist Dr. Spencer Wells.  By gathering information from indigenous and traditional people around the world trying to map the origins of the human species.

The question of "Who am I?" has haunted many in the African-American community.  Proper records were not kept of African slaves.  Making it difficult to track ancestry.  What is great about the project is it includes the public.  A participation kit can be purchased by non-members of the museum for 134.95 and for members the price is 109.95.  Participation is optional.  To watch video clips of other participates, find out information, and update your DNA journey visit