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Discovering The Art of Shaving in Beverly Hills

Strolling along Brighton Way last night after dinner at The Grill in the Alley in Beverly Hills we chanced upon The Art of Shaving—a chic boutique shop dedicated to men’s grooming via the ‘4 Elements of the Perfect Shave.’ It was rather fortuitous for Richard, who had just scored a collection from the Procter & Gamble-owned company of state-of-the-art shaving tools which were sent to me for review.

Jarett Gonzalez is shaving consultant at The Art of Shopping in Beverly Hills
Richard Pietschmann
The Art of Shaving Shop sports barber services
Richard Pietschmann

Neither of us knew the two-year-old shop existed. In addition to selling all the tools of the facial and body hair trimming trade, the store sports a barber shop where men can be pampered and preened for a price. For those of you unfamiliar with the products, the really rock. With Father’s Day around the corner, you might want to consider treating him to a shave or something like the Power Razor that features technology that keeps the blade sharp with a built-in-indicator that fades when it’s time to change it.

There is also a Power Brush (which Richard used for the first time last night and raved about) that helps lift beard hairs with powered oscillation that enhances the lathering (which you do with the wonderful, but masculine-scented soaps formulated with coconut oil and glycerin and packaged in handsome teak refillable bowls.

There are also fragrances, a fabulous Bergamot oil hair gel and shampoos, combs, conditioners, and gift sets. Introduce your man to the Art of Shaving he will thank you for it and you will appreciate his soft, kissable skin. Of course if you’re a guy reading this then you know what to do and she (or he) will also love you more for it.

The Art of Shaving Beverly Hills is located at 9520 Brighton Way, 424-777-4140.

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