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Discovering great STEM talent


Science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) professionals bring a lot of value to businesses—and they can serve as the driving force behind significant innovation and development. The problem, however, is that qualified STEM professionals are difficult to find. For every 1.9 available STEM jobs, there is only one qualified STEM professional available for hire. That’s why connecting with great STEM professionals is so important—and it’s where Adecco, the STEM staffing experts, come in.

In 2013, Adecco’s STEM recruiters placed 13,000 talented STEM professionals into hard-to-fill roles across all industries. They have 2.1 million connections across a wide spectrum of professionals, including the medical, IT/technology, manufacturing, automotive, banking/financial, aerospace and oil and gas space. Adecco works closely with colleges and universities to pipeline the great generation of STEM talent.

To learn more about how Adecco can help you find that stellar STEM professional you’ve been craving to join your business, check out the full infographic here!