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Discovering facts to fortify divine faith

A couple of years ago I was standing in a line waiting to get my picture taken with a speaker at the Chicago convention of the Biblical Archaeological Society. The scholar had just finished his presentation, and I had taken notes with the intent of possibly publishing a kind of report on A couple of Christian television men from Saint Louis were stopping folks to interview them about why they were attending this convention. It was funny to me to also get posed the same question, being there on a media mission myself; yet in their asking, this pair got me to examine my ultimate motive...or at least to start to develop one. So as a reporter on Biblical Studies I am finding or discovering facts to fortify divine faith.

I believe there are many angles by which one can do just that. My focus, howbeit, lies in the text of the Bible, with an emphasis upon where the Hebrew language comes into play. Clearly there are three ways I can accomplish this: telescopically, microscopically, and kaleidoscopically.

The telescope will be for when I report on what other people of biblical science are doing. The microscope is for personally studying he intricacies of Biblical Hebrew. Finally, here is my kaleidoscope: processing a Bible passage using my preferred study method. This method has a name, a semi-acronym I came up with back in 1991 or 1992 as I sat under the tutelage of Dr. Paul Nevin at the Moody Bible Institute: "Ob-QuIn-Co-PrAp". The fuller wording of this is: observation, question, interpretation, correlation, principlization, and application.

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