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Discover your “Reaganomic Boom” – unleash Reagan Revolution right here and now!

"Reaganomic Boom" song unleashes new Reagan Revolution
"Reaganomic Boom" song unleashes new Reagan Revolution
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2014 is the year when you rediscover the truth about your life and more importantly a future and economic freedom not seen since the Reagan Revolution. Now is the time and this is the year where the shackles of Obamanization of economic growth for both young job creators and longtime businesses is taken off with a “Reaganomic Boom”!

Every generation has a ballad that is a clarion call which sets it apart from all others. The newly released patriotic “Reaganomic Boom” song is a clarion call for economic freedom right here and right now. The new beat is conservative, cool and reaches across all generations. It is the brainchild of award winning sportscaster Melanie Tipton, conservative singer songwriter and conservative patriot Nate “Smoove” Nobles and author and conservative journalist Kevin Fobbs.

One conservative young businessperson called “Reaganomic Boom” a patriotic rap song that conservatives can embrace and call their own. There is truth and power in his statement because Ronald Reagan’s truth was shared in his words which became an economic engine. Reaganomics powered America with unmatched job creation and business growth for nearly a generation.

In the era of Reagan there was tremendous job and business growth which allowed every American the opportunity to aspire to the American Dream and actually get a foothold for themselves, their children and families Compare that to now where without the policies of Reaganomics the Obamanization of America has hurt everyone, and especially young people, women and minorities particularly hard.

Millions are enduring insufferable hardships from job loss, medical insurance policies elimination due to Obamacare. Americans live with shattered lives and have been left with hopelessness that is unparalleled since the Great Depression. A Reaganomic Boom is needed more than ever before.

This is not simply a war on Americans, it is a war on the most vulnerable and has been specifically engineered by Obama’s failed economic policies; it is a decimation of the very fabric and foundation of families who continue to tumble backward.

2014 is the year of truth and Reaganomics is the engine which can shatter the chains and shackles of despair created by the Obama Misery Index. The Reaganomic Boom is the first stage and Melanie Tipton is preparing to share her patriotic vision of Reaganomic economic vitality in her upcoming documentary called “Melanie’s Journey through Chattanoogaville. It will effectively be the polar opposite of liberal filmmaker Michael Moore’s movie documentaries that were a tirade against American Capitalism and free market growth.

Her documentary will examine how small business works, and most importantly how small business people are being affected through paying out money to meet regulatory and growing tax demands which stifle business growth. Her solution: a Reaganomics Boom! The documentary will show how the Dr. Jeckel and Mr. Hyde Obama approach in government trillion dollar handouts is destroying economic growth.

The soiled business landscape in America is becoming barren and unproductive because economic socialism does not work. Simply ask your neighbor how he or she feels paralyzed where their personal prosperity has been altered and their future has been smothered. All of Obama’s economic layups have bounced off the rim and sailed out of bounds for young people and their future. The Obama Misery Index is real.

But, there is still hope for Reagan’s shining city on the hill of conservative freedom and capitalistic growth. America the beautiful is not just a phrase but it is a reality that can and will be reclaimed. Today, one song in and of itself cannot bring about change. But people, with conservative values, a conservative dream and direction can bring about change by the melody of a song.

My country, ’tis of thee,

Sweet land of liberty,

Of thee I sing;

Land where my fathers died,

Land of the pilgrims’ pride,

From ev’ry mountainside

Let freedom ring!

A song and a melody can correct the destination of a person and of a people and “Reaganomics Boom” is yours, it is your neighbors it is your community’s. Reaganomics liberated Americans in the 1980’s and can liberate them now, “The bigger the government the less you’re free!”

Your future can be unleashed when you, your neighbor, friend, co-worker, high school graduate, black, Hispanic and Americans of every stripe and ethnicity determine they own their own future and their own destiny. Use the power of a rediscovered “Reaganomic Boom” to be the economic engine. It is cool to be conservative and be able to place your dream in overdrive. Take that energy and use Reaganomic power.

Tick, Tick, Tick… ready for it… hear it…”Reaganomic Boom” is in the house, the American house and it is home and ready in 2014 for a reclaimed Reagan Revolution. Conservatism Rocks with a cool sonic Reaganomic Boom!


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