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Discover these exotic ingredients for hair and skin

Majestic Renewal Therapy
Art Image By: Jenny Hogan, Marketing Solutions

African Baobab Oil and French caviar oil provide superior anti-aging results

Legend has it that when the African Baobab tree was planted by God, it uprooted itself and kept walking. God pulled it up and replanted it upside down, inspiring the nickname it is known for when bare of leaves, the “upside down tree.” Dotting the African terrain, these exotic trees can live more than three thousand years and retain as much as 30,000 gallons of water.

Anti-Aging Secrets: These ancient trees have an anti-aging secret you can use for hair and skincare. The Baobab tree produces fruit containing seeds that yield precious Baobab Oil, rich in Omega fatty acids, vitamins A, D, E and F. Baobab oil is highly moisturizing, emollient and soothing. It acts as a superior antioxidant, helps to fight aging, improves skin elasticity, encourages regeneration of skin cells and is non-comedogenic, not clogging pores.

Shaoé Haircare has launched a new reparative oil product that is dual purpose, featuring Baobab Oil and a host of other therapeutic ingredients. Their new Majestic Renewal Therapy differs from other hair oils on the market, being completely silicone free and equally as effective for the hair and skin. Majestic Renewal Therapy acts as an oil, yet has therapeutic benefits with hydrating Aloe Vera and a blend of healing oils. Instead of masking hair damage it penetrates deep into the cuticle to repair, moisturize and protect. As it is silicone free it provides a non-comedogenic treatment for the scalp, with soothing Eucalyptus Oil to nourish dry skin and stimulate blood circulation.

Deluxe French Caviar: Dual ingredient French Caviar has a unique cellular structure that is similar to a human cell, containing 50-70% water and providing superior hydration to skin. Caviar contains Omega fatty acids, antioxidants, nutrients like Potassium and Selenium, amino acids and many vitamins. Clinical research has shown caviar extract to improve skin mitochondrial function, promoting regeneration and collagen production. It protects the skin against external effects such as environmental damage.
Shaoé Haircare founders Josef and Shaun Settle researched the ingredients, choosing African Baobab Oil and French Caviar oil for their high quality. Josef Settle says, “Caviar oil is common in French skincare and they have a very high expectation of quality, known world wide. Baobab Oil is not often found in haircare products due to cost. We have brought you the finest grade available of this special oil.”

From Skincare To Haircare: Josef Settle first started using a skincare oil on his face to help with his complexion. Even though his skin was acne prone, the product helped balance his natural oils. After finding that it was mainly silicone based, he looked into natural oils for the skin and hair that were plant based and non-comedogenic. Settle says, “Silicone is fine for certain hair products as it lays on top of the hair, sealing the cuticle, helping the hair to dry faster and providing shine. Yet it does not provide reparative benefits like plant oils and is not an effective skincare ingredient.” To develop the new Majestic Renewal Therapy for both hair and skin, Josef & Shaun Settle started with their own Secret 7 Complex used in their full haircare product system. They then added plant oils with anti-aging and reparative benefits such as jojoba, palm, grape seed and olive. The two powerhouse ingredients French Caviar and African Baobab have superior moisturizing benefits and rejuvenate damaged or dry hair.

Multiple Uses: The Settles use the new dual purpose product in a variety of ways. Josef Settle says, “We’re currently using Majestic Renewal Therapy on all our clients. For hair we use it for blow dries and finishes. Every client gets a final mist on their hair to add shine. For skin we use it on the clients’ hands after manicures and their feet after pedicures. You can spray it on the face or body for silky smooth, glowing skin.” The therapeutic qualities of the oil make it an effective tool for soothing scalp conditions such as dandruff, psoriasis and eczema. Thinning or damaged hair will be rejuvenated by the reparative benefits of the moisturizing ingredients. The oil is also an effective tool for ethnic hair that is prone to dryness, providing essential body and shine. For flat ironing or any hot tool use, applying the product before styling will press the oil deeper into the hair shaft for added protection and shine.

The Majestic Renewal Therapy works in combination with other Shaoé Haircare products for great style and repair. Use in combination with Sophisticated Smoothing Serum for the ultimate healthy blow dry. Spray Majestic Renewal Therapy on wet hair 10 to 12 inches from the head. The heat from the dryer will drive ingredients deeper into the hair, smoothing the cuticle and providing a protective barrier. For hold factor, work a small amount of Sophisticated Smoothing Serum through hair before drying for great humidity resistance, frizz control and volume. After drying, spray on a fine mist of Majestic Renewal Therapy for a final touch of shine.

Celebrate V.I.P Style With Shaoé Haircare! The new Shaoé Haircare system offers luxurious opulence to your hair. For a complimentary consultation or for more information on ordering Shaoé Haircare System products, call 317-272-1149, 855-YShaoé7 / 855-974-2637 or email: Visit:

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