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Discover the treasures of the shipwreck Atocha at Lovers Key State Park

Atocha Spanish Galleon
Atocha Spanish Galleon

The Spanish galleon Atocha, the shipwreck discovered twenty miles west of the Florida Keys, is considered the Mother Lode when discussing sunken treasure. Lying on the sea floor under fifty-five feet of water, the Atocha was discovered 360 years after she had sunk during a hurricane at sea.

Men have always had an interest in sunken treasure. With exotic coins and precious gems the rich reward, shipwrecks offer both history and riches from the bottom of the sea. Valued at more than a hundred million dollars by today's standards, the wreck of the Atocha was finally pinpointed by Mel Fisher in 1985.

Atocha History Lesson

On September 4, 1622, the ship Nuestra Senora de Atocha, along with several other Spanish ships, was fighting with all her might to stay afloat amidst a hurricane's huge waves, winds, and cross-winds that shaped her future.

Heavily laden with silver, gold, precious gems and coins, the Atocha was caught in a severe hurricane twenty miles off the coast of the Florida Keys, only to be torn open, spilling her rich contents and human cargo, drowning everyone aboard except five lucky survivors.

Atocha's Gems

Today you can purchase coins, gold, silver, and emeralds that have been raised from the Atocha. To buy jewelry from the shipwreck, go to to find ancient jewels from the risen ship. Much of her contents include gold and rare first-year production silver from the recently established mints.

The ship of choice, the Atocha, along with four smaller vessels in the convoy, received the full impact of a storm. All were lost and the Atocha was pulled to the bottom of the seas by her heavy cargo of treasure and cannon.

July 20, 1985 was the date the Atocha was discovered, lying in 55 feet of salt water, exactly where the first salvegers in 1622 said she was lying.

Buy Atocha Jewels

You can buy an exact replica of an actual Spanish treasure coin salvaged from the galleon's watery resting place, an authentic piece of history, hailing from the middle ages! Whether you want an original coin or a coin that has been pressed from the original stamp and silver, you can wear jewelry that has the historical face of a time that is long gone yet long-loved.

Take a Walk into Atocha's History

From the Key West Double Mermaid Atocha Silver coin to the gold shipwrecked coin, a variety of treasure coins wait to be discovered and purchased by land lubbers, touristas or fellow historians. For more information, check out to find more original shipwreck jewelry and coins.

Treasures of the Atocha will be discussed on Friday, April 23rd, at the Lovers Key Resort. Call Robert G. Hughes, Park Ranger, at 239-463-4588 or contact him online at


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