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Discover: The May 2014 Midtown OKC Block Party winner

Piper's price reduced lemonade, serve yourself
Piper's price reduced lemonade, serve yourself

It is on right now, until 11pm in Oklahoma City.

Midtown Oklahoma City last summer introduced H&8th.

Shop owners in Midtown joined on a little used strip, along with Dr. Ed Shadid campaign office.... planned a food truck event that for all practical purposes exploded over the course of the Summer in 2013.

The event, which flanks the new Federal Building, uses their grand lawn and memorial park and Hudson Avenue from 6th to 8th streets.... sharing live music, community, food and beverage.

The area continued to press the envelope and the opening session in April 2014, exploded the boundaries, and so more space has been added, beginning to link H&8th over to the Plaza Court at 10th and North Walker.

Some who attend the event want the food truck experience, or only plan to hang out and have a beverage. Others have desire to hit the sit down restaurants, are glad to see the segue between Louies, Cafe do Brasil, McNellies, Kaisers, Waffle Champion and Irma's.

St. Anthony's Hospital hosting a fresh food market with Urban Agrarian. People streaming through, on the way to the festival, and coming from the hospital in scrubs getting giant deep red vine ripened tomatoes, and other seasonal fruits and vegetables.

This is an all ages event, with no admission. Typically early hours of the event are kids and families and as the evening progresses the crowd turns more adult.

Here is the webpage, which cites music schedule and food trucks for this event. These are updated for each month, H&8th happens on the last Friday of every month through October.

This continues to be a thriving event, which surely will reinvent itself, perhaps finally rolling events to Automobile Alley or down to Uptown 23rd.

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