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Discover the history of Coronado

A view of Coronado bridge and city from the San Diego bay front
A view of Coronado bridge and city from the San Diego bay front
Photo source: Lisa Apolinski

Across from the San Diego bay front lies a small city with plenty of history: Coronado. Founded in 1885, the 33 square mile city actually is on a peninsula linking to Imperial Beach, so is not a true 'island'. However, the Coronado bridge that connects this city to San Diego is one of the most famous. The bridge runs roughly 2.1 miles in length and has an 80 degree curve within it. The theory is that the bridge was originally designed as a much shorter, straight bridge from San Diego to Coronado. But in order to qualify for federal funding, the bridge had to be made longer, thus the curve to add to its overall length.

Besides the famous bridge, another historical landmark is the Hotel del Coronado. The hotel is a classic example of a Victorian beach resort and opened in 1888. It is the second largest wooden structure in the U.S. (the largest being the Tillamook Air Museum in Tillamook, OR). Coronado also boasts of four beaches, including the famous Central Beach, voted best beach in the U.S. by Dr. Beach. Be sure to stop by the Museum of History and Art, where you can learn more about Coronado's history and Hollywood connection. The City of Coronado has over 70 restaurants and cafes and over 100 shops as well, with many found on the main road, Orange Avenue.

There is quite a bit packed into this city, so be sure explore, discover, and enjoy all that Coronado has to offer.