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Discover surprising aphrodisiac foods that get you in the mood

Get cooking this “Valentine’s Day” weekend by whipping up a sensual feast for your sweetheart with the addition of a few libido boosting “game-changers” to your usual arsenal of aphrodisiacs. While having aphrodisiac go-tos such as oysters and “mood boosting champagne & chocolate” on the menu will definitely keep the party going, accordingly to the Valentine's Day “The Doctors” TV show clip on this page, there are a few surprising everyday foods that may also possess “aphrodisiac powers” to include on your "Valentine’s Day" menu.

Discover surprising everyday foods that hold aphrodisiac powers you probably have in your kitchen right now.

Check out the list of aphrodisiac and/or libido boosting foods below to incorporate into your Valentine's Day menu:

• Garlic: Interestingly, eating garlic increases the enzyme that creates nitrous oxide, which is what’s responsible for erections. Garlic is also one of the "Party Girl Diet's" Top 10 Food proven to enhance health and longevity.

• Onions: Onions apparently increase the libido...who knew?

• Tomatoes: A superfood recently featured in the "California Living" Super Health & Fitness Special, and revered in the "Party Girl Diet" for their rich antioxidant lycopene properties, among other major health benefits, this sexy fruit will help keep skin soft and supple.

• Chili Powder: Gets the heart pumping, increases sweating, and feelings of excitement similar to what it's like to actually have sex. Use it in dishes like the "Party Girl Diet’s" Game-Day Chili and not on the body as it will burn.

• Potatoes: This common ‘vegetable” has a health affect on brain chemistry similar to chocolate wherein serotonin levels (feel good chemicals) are increased with consumption – which increases pleasure.

• Papaya: May contribute to enhanced female libido due to its estrogenic properties.

• Passion fruit: Anti-oxidants rich; and its sweet tastes stimulates the senses.

• Bananas: Potassium promotes production of sex hormones.

• Truffle Oil: Apparently, its “earthy” aroma turns on some women.

• Shitake Mushrooms: Increases immune defense and desire.

• Basil: Another ‘aroma” turn-on, basil also stimulates sex drive and circulation.

• Honey: AKA “Nectar of the gods,” honey is high in B vitamins and boron.

For the whole story, do check out the Valentine’s Day themed special episode of “The Doctors” video on this page - which reviews their “orgasm buffet” (yes really) spotlighting Valentine's Day menu dishes made with the above aphrodisiac foods, and which are aptly names things like “sexy sauté,” “climax casserole,” “erotic tonic,” and “frisky fruit salad.”

This show clip also guest stars history’s “matriarch of sex-talk” and Psychosexual Therapist Dr. Ruth Wertheimer, who is uber-known for her frank way of talking all things sex related. The segment climaxes after “Doctors” host and real-life MD - Dr. Travis Stork mentions to fellow host Dr. Lisa that the “frisky fruit salad is meant to be eaten with your hands,” and as he proceeds to feed her a piece of fruit with his - Dr. Ruth chimes in with her distinctively hoarse voice and devious giggle “feed each other.” Apparently, in addition to whipping up aphrodisiac dishes and elixirs for their Valentine's Day feast, “feeding each other” by hand is a technique people have been turning to throughout history to "turn-on" the object of their desire.

Here's to a fun Valentine's Day weekend, and until next time...keep the (healthy) party going ~ Aprilanne

PS: If your going to try the last "turn-on" remember to wash your hands :)

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