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Discover how to lose weight starting today with 10 diet and weight loss secrets

Research shows the weight lost on crash or fad-diets is typically gained back once the dieter goes back to their normal eating plan. Today is April 1, and "your mission - should you choose to accept it" is to "clean up your act" and keep up with your diet and weight loss goals during April - "National "Keep America Beautiful Month." Here you'll find your "mission control" headquarters with 10 Party Girl Diet weight loss and weight maintenance secrets you need to carry out your mission to get fit, loose weight and keep it off - all at a deliciously healthy pace.

Think about it, isn't it time you do your part to "Keep America Beautiful" by striving to be your healthiest and most beautiful YOU inside and out? To start losing weight today, take advantage of the "Party Girl Diet" weight loss secrets and "healthy living" tips shared here, in order for you to create a lifetime of health & happiness, as well as uncover a stronger, sleeker – sexier new you in the process.

Keep in mind, there is no room for crash or fad-dieting during "National Keep America Beautiful Month." Be on guard against these dieting foes which according to the "American Dietetic Association" can be defined as any diet that has the following warning signs:

  • Sounds too good to be true, it probably is. “Lose 15 lbs in 7 days!”
  • Recommends using a single food on a very consistent basis. (Grapefruit diet, cabbage soup diet, etc)
  • Promises quick and easy weight loss with no effort.
  • Eliminates an entire food group such as carbohydrates or dairy.
  • Guarantees an outcome in a specified time period.
  • Bases evidence for effectiveness only on the quotes of other dieters.

If you ready to join the mission to do what it takes to "Keep America Beautiful" this month and enjoy the foods you eat and live your life to the fullest, you will also discover how you can indulge on a literal bounty of delicious foods everyday AND start losing those unwanted pounds and inches by making the surprisingly simple and proven healthy living/lifestyle choices outlined below:

1. Consume at least 2 servings of non-starchy vegetables at every meal. Vegetables contain essential vitamins, nutrients and fiber - which will nourish your body and keep it functioning in a healthy manner.

2. Follow the Party Girl Diet’s meal building formula to create the ultimate nutrition fix at every meal - which naturally eliminates the need to count calories: Enjoy 1 serving lean protein (2 servings for men) + 2 - 3 servings non-starchy vegetables + 1 serving healthy fat = 1 super healthy and satisfying meal

3. Don’t eliminate carbohydrates – “control” them. When it comes to consuming carbohydrates follow this one simple “Controlled Carbohydrate” Rule:

Enjoy a serving of a starchy carbohydrate such as pasta, bread, potatoes, rice, etc. within 1 – 2 hours of exercising. This way you are either fueling or re-fueling your energy stores. If you did not exercise on a particular day, skip the starchy carbs and help yourself to another serving of healthy carb-rich vegetables. ~ The Party Girl Diet

4. Fit Fitness in Daily. Click here for the “California Living™ list of the Top 10 Fun & Easy Calorie Burners.”

5. Sleep. Get your beauty sleep to control hunger hormones. As documented in The Party Girl Diet’s new Super Abs Playbook, getting the proper amount of sleep, 7 – 8 hours a night will keep your hunger and appetite suppression hormones on track.

6. Stress Management. Manage your stress…as well as your reaction to it. While there are certain stressors in life we have no control over, we can control the way we react to these stressors – which can have a huge impact on how our body responds to stress as well. The simplest and most effective way to immediately stop over-production of the stress hormone cortisol is to take deep controlled breathes. In as little as 5 seconds you will be able to halt cortisol production in your body – which has been linked to fat stores in the abdominal area, especially in women. Exercise is also a great stress buster.

7. Strength Training. To get started, check out the fun iMovie Trailer for The Party Girl Diet's new Super Abs Playbook Sexy Abs Diet & Workout on this page, as well access the following 2 free California Living™ Workout Videos on-demand:

8. Consume probiotic and prebiotic foods to help maintain a healthy gut. Groundbreaking research documented in The Party Girl Diet’s Super Abs Playbook shows an unhealthy balance of bacteria in your gut can cause everything from illness and a weakened immune system to mental illness. Click for the dish on the Party Girl Diet’s Sexy Abs Diet Coconut Water Smoothie.

9. Portion Control is the key to weight loss and weight maintenance success. Practice the Party Girl Diet book's proven Portion Control Tips at every meal an snack. Finally, with the following easy to “eyeball” portion control guide and the #2 Meal Building Formula above, you can stop the need to measure your food for good:

  • 1 serving of lean protein = Size of your palm or deck of cards (2 servings for men)
  • 1 serving of healthy fat = Size of the circle made when touching your thumb and index finger
  • 1 serving of fish = Size of a checkbook
  • 1 serving of cheese = Size of your thumb
  • 1 serving of pasta or other starchy carb = the size of your fist tightened
  • 1 serving of nuts or snack food = The little space that’s formed when you cup your hand
  • 1 serving of fruit = 1 piece of fruit such as an apple or banana, orange, etc. or 1 small bunch of grapes (about a dozen)

10. Have fun and find ways to laugh everyday. If you’re like most people, you may find this last secret a bit frivolous, yet engaging in laughter and taking time out to have fun and enjoy yourself everyday is one of the most important secrets revealed here, and even more vital to your overall health and well being. One of the Party Girl Diet’s 9 Keys to Good Living, laughter has the power to instantly transform your mood and overall outlook on life. It also works your core muscles (an added benefit) and increases “feel good” endorphin production in our body. Whether it’s tuning in to your favorite sitcom, watching a humorous video on YouTube, or chatting it up with a friend who always has a funny story to share, you’ll do yourself a world of good by getting in some hearty belly laughs daily.

Here's to a transformational "Keep America Beautiful Month" of April and reaching your diet and weight loss goals with a happier, healthier and more beautiful new you to show for it.

Until next time...keep the (healthy) party going ~ Aprilanne

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