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Discover cool kitchen Summer meal options: Sushi Corn Potato Salad


Sushi Corn was the title listed in an article on my great aunt's summer New England cottage fridge. Sushi.... uhm.... Corn.

Fresh corn, eaten straight from the cob or stripped kernels, because it is good fresh and RAW. Select ears that are formed, but not too mature. Pulling back the husk and silks, one should be able to see neat formed rows of corn to the end of the cob, which are neither too small nor large. Some people prefer white corn over yellow and multi-colored is a current trend as well.

Oklahoma gets incredibly hot during the summer, and most people seek light meals and to stay OUT of the kitchen. This salad has very limited prep and capitalizes on the seasons bounty of fresh vegetables. Oklahoma is an agricultural state, with plenty of roadside markets and farmers markets to supply just about any wish.

Sushi Corn Potato Salad serves 4 generously

WASH and dry all veg before use, even pre-washed items.

3 medium sized red skinned "new potatoes" these should be about the full size of the palm of your hand. This potato salad relies only on cooked red skin "new potatoes", which can be microwaved in a matter of minutes. Slice the jackets or puncture with a fork. Cook on a plate whole for about 3-8 minutes. Check periodically.Cool slightly and chop roughly into smaller than bitesized pieces.

1 large zucchini slice into desired bite sized shapes.

1 large yellow squash same

1 large Roma tomato slice or chop in large pieces

1 cob of corn, kernels stripped. Remove husk and silk, wash and dry. ( do this by placing the peeled and washed corn on end in a dish and scraping with a sharp knife at the base of the kernels, until the cob is stripped.

Fresh baby spinach 4 cups

So, in a large glass or ceramic dish place the corn.

Chop the vegetables to desired shapes, smaller than bite size pieces and add to bowl.

Mix all veg and enough mayonnaise and sour cream or Greek Yogurt to hold together.

Add the tomato, salt to taste.

OPTIONS for seasoning are ... choose ONE

fresh, chopped rosemary.

fresh chopped dill

Ground Black Pepper

Cayenne Pepper

Stir again.

Cover and chill or serve with the potatoes warm.

IF this sits in the fridge, the veg will possibly sweat, and liquid will stand in the bowl. Merely mix this back in prior to serving.

This is best eaten the same day, but will keep in the fridge covered 2-3 days. If no spice added the first, day, leftovers can be altered for an upgrade with a seasoning above.

This salad in alternative forms would work well with additions of:

bacon crumbled or

ham or turkey or chicken pieces,

or egg sliced,

drained pickled beets or pickled okra or black or green olives

and cheeze of choice

Photo shown is the plain salad, garnished with cayenne instead of paprika, served on a bed of baby spinach fresh or wilted leaves as a side dish and pita or foccacia.

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