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Discover bird watching San Diego

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Taking a trip into nature territory to watch birds never goes out of season in SanDiego. Long standing ecological reserves from near the Mexico border to Palomar Mountain and the Salton Sea give locals the bush and brush lands the low flying hawks and the egret that lives on the wind travel in.

Work giving local tour takers a bird list, or a tour guide, stays seasonal business in SanDiego. Flexitours, founds at Run of the WOrld online, sends locals on discovery trips to one of the common place expanses on the map, Tijuana River Estuary. With a bird guide in their hand.

The snowy egret flies in the openings above the golden brown brush that keeps the estuary at peace. Terns fill the passes. The hawks and herons travel the long tidelands the water stands.

Bird names open the eyes of the unexpected visitor. The winged creatures cross the land on the getaway. Catching a long legged walk, or a flight, takes dependable facts on where the birds can be seen, and, at what times. The least Flexi can tell trip takers.

Counting the living nature sights on the estuary near Imperial Beach San Diego owns keeps the birds on watch. Locals wh0o make bird watching one of their seasonal activities can take one more offer from Flexi. A birds tour at the San DIego Zoo.

This is the first article in this three article piece for American Enterprise Sequels on Thursdays.

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