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Discover artwork of century muralist

Hildreth Meiere

The Institute of Classic Art & Architecture Driehaus Museum will be holding a lecture on Hildreth Meiere's murals. Come see all her hundreds of beautiful pieces of artwork she created. This special Art Deco event takes place on Thursday, May 8th, 2014, at 6pm and will be located at the museum 40 E. Erie street, Chicago, IL.

See movements such as: futurism, constructivism, cubism, exoticism and ballet russes. Looking to the classic past, Meiere was the most talented 20th Century designer of her time. She created work for theatres, world fair pavilions, ocean liners, government facilities, office buildings, restaurants, and churches.

Meiere had a wide variety of mural mediums including: tapestry, glass/marble mosaics, stained glass, leather, metal, ceramic tile, and paint. See her great works in Manhattans's One Wall Street, Nebraska's State Capital in Lincoln, Logan Square postal office in Chicago, bronze silhouette in Mercury (to name a few).

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