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Discover a unique place to enjoy decadent treats and relax at Stations Cafe

On 563 Main Street in Bethlehem Pa in the Main Street Commons Building, there is a place that specializes in tempting sweet treats and a relaxing time for patrons of all ages.When someone approaches the outside window of Stations, they see pretzels being hand rolled and created by members of the staff. As an individual enters the store, the tempting aroma of freshly prepared pretzels, ice cream, candy and sandwiches waft through the air. When a customer approaches the menu board, they see the variety of selections and possibilities; making the whole experience even sweeter.

To start a customer's day on an energetic note, this establishment offers satisfying breakfast options. The most popular options are an egg and cheese pocket with a twelve ounce coffee, a twist pretzel with coffee or four cinnamon sticks and tea. For any time of day, Stations Cafe has savory pretzel options that bring individuals back time and time again. The organic gourmet pretzels are prepared on the premises and come in a patron's choice of flavor. The alluring selections are jalapeno, garlic, raisin, pepperoni, almond crunch, cinnamon, parmesan and salt and butter. The other satisfying options are pretzel dogs and caboo O's (sugar dough wrapped Oreo cookies). All of the above are tempting options.

Stations Cafe also has tempting ice cream and beverage options that will satisfy your sweet tooth. The most popular ice cream concoctions are a root beer float, an old fashioned milk shake, or cozy coupler (waffles and ice cream). All of the seasonal ice cream options are available in a customer's choice of a single, double or triple scoop. The refreshing beverage options are a frozen mango or strawberry slushy, lemonade or iced tea.

In addition to these menu items, Stations offers tempting lunch selections that will bring you back time and time again. The best option is the train flatbread combo which comes with a sandwich choice of pepperoni and swiss cheese, turkey, ham and cheese or rotisserie chicken. All of these sandwich options come with cucumber salad and a drink. All of the above options are delicious ways to satisfy your hunger. So, the next time your family is looking for a unique spot with fresh ingredients, consider Stations Cafe. See the difference that a welcoming atmosphere and gourmet treats can make. Come and experience the place that people of all ages come to relax, spend quality time and enjoy good food. Enjoy.

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