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Discounting Green

All of us have insurance. The majority of us have multiple insurances. There's health insurance, auto insurance, home or renters insurance, life insurance, insurance on your money in the bank (the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation) and there's even insurance available for pets. The business of insurance is enormous.

So, which form of insurance or which big name company is going to pave the way for people to not only THINK GREEN, but actually DO GREEN?

One form of insurance, homeowners, would be a fantastic place to start. There are many tangible, documentable ways to up-green your home and property. Examples:

  • Solar Panels
  • Grey Water System
  • Energy efficient hot-water heaters
  • Energy efficient HVAC installation or
  • Installing Geothermal
  • Insulation
  • Installing energy efficient windows and doors
  • Small wind turbines

If you can save on your taxes by utilizing some of the above or by having Energy Star appliances, why shouldn't you be able to save on your insurance policy as well?

For autos, discounts could be given for electric vehicles then reduced discounts, but money-savers none-the-less, for hybrids and eco-boosts and even those with proven high fuel efficiency ratings, etc.

The number crunching of the actuaries out there could definitely be time-consuming to figure out percentages and risks and rewards and probabilities and all and whatever else goes into calculating insurance premiums...but the first company to embark on such a marketable offering, would, very likely, reap many rewards.

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