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Discounted hot tubs

Discounted hot tubs can be found being advertised in newspaper classified sections and internet sites such as craigslist almost every week. At first, they seem like a great deal; these hot tubs usually sell for a few hundred dollars, while a new hot tub can cost several thousand.

Like any unbelievably good deal, however, a consumer has to ask why something that sells for so much new is being sold so cheaply. While used cars can retain a lot of their value, why do hot tubs seem to lose so much value?

There may be several answers, but the first one that many people site is the idea that hot tubs are personal items. This means a lot of people worry about hygiene issues from a used hot tub. While experts have stated that there is rarely anything to worry about from the tub itself, the jets leading into the tub can become a breeding ground for bacteria and fungus. This is particularly true if the tub has been stored improperly.

The solution to this is to have the tub professionally cleaned. This is a service provided by many pool and spa stores, but it can add to the cost of the used hot tub. How much is hot tub cleaning in your area?

Next, there can be maintenance issues with discounted hot tubs. Used tubs break, and deeply discounted hot tubs from stores are often show room models or discontinued models that it can be difficult to find parts for. In many cases, a hot tub owner sells because his or her repair professional gave them a quote for maintenance work that was too expensive or not cost effective. Comment below on your highest hot tub repair bill.

Having a discounted hot tub checked out by a professional before purchasing can save a lot of money in the long run, and help a buyer avoid a money pit. Have you ever bought a discounted hot tub?

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