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Discontinued Burt’s Bees toothpaste selling for $21 a tube on eBay

Consumers will pay high prices on eBay for discontinued items.
Consumers will pay high prices on eBay for discontinued items.

Burt’s Bees Multi-Care Whitening Natural Toothpaste was recently discontinued and the product that normally sold for around $6 a tube and is now on eBay with asking prices as high as $21 per tube. In February, a lot of 4 tubes of Burt’s Bees Multi-Care Whitening Natural Toothpaste sold for a whopping $94.99 with free shipping. This item is extremely scarce and almost impossible to find in local stores, so consumers are turning to eBay.

What is so great about this toothpaste that consumers would pay over $20 a tube for it? Several things. Some people are allergic to sulfates, a common ingredient in toothpaste. A sulfate allergy can result in breakouts, hives, and swelling. Also, people with sensitive teeth often seek fluoride-free toothpaste because fluoride can aggravate tooth sensitivity.

This toothpaste is appreciated by consumers who frequently suffer from canker or mouth sores as it is gentle and doesn’t burn open sores. Consumers also like the fact that the Burt’s Bees Multi-Care Whitening Natural Toothpaste is non-toxic and all-natural but contains the proper amount of calcium and phosphorus to help build tooth enamel. It contains a novamin-like ingredient that helps rebuild enamel, and many dentists have recommended this to patients who have issues with tooth enamel.

Based on blogger reviews, the toothpaste isn’t gritty like some baking soda toothpastes. Reviews are mixed on the taste – some like the herbal peppermint taste, others say the taste is terrible. The main complaint about this toothpaste is the tube. It is difficult to open, and once open, often oozes out, creating a mess on the counter top.

Currently, there are 9 listings on eBay for this particular toothpaste. The most expensive is a lot of 4 tubes priced at $84.99 with free shipping. The least expensive is a listing for 1 tube priced at $16.00 with $3.75 shipping. Expiration dates on current offers are February 2016, so prices may only continue to rise as the supply gets smaller.

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