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DISCLOSE Act sellout: NRA says you just don't understand


  • Robert 5 years ago

    You have said it about as well as anyone could Paul. We need to keep the heat on and turn it up as much as possible. The NRA needs to die and a new organization born from the grassroots gun organizations needs to replace it. This bill won't die because of NRA opposition but because gun owners rose up and answered the call to defeat it individually. When a gun owner gets his next phone bill and it shows those numbers listed above he can go to his friends and say, "I chose to oppose and fight and this proves it." That phone bill will be his badge of honor. The NRA sold us out, about 76 million gun owners, and we need to let them know this will not go unanswered and it will be the last time we tolerate it. We are the 1776er's of the 21st and this time instead of invading British we are taking on our own invaders from Washignton D.C. People we elected and need to get rid of especially Pelosi. The NRA needs to leave with them. Starve it for money by ceasing your memberships/donations.

  • Robert 5 years ago

    We do understand what you have done NRA. Boy do we understand and you have not see the full size of the maelstrom yet or know how long it can last. This is the last betrayal and the last time you get your thirty pieces of silver for selling out the individual gun owners whether they belong to your ogrganization or not. Individual men came together to win our freedom in 1776 with whatever guns they could muster and it will happen once again. it will be the much maligned veterans, recreational hunters, collectors, etc who will rise up against you and Washington using first the vote and then whatever otehr means to maintain our second amendment rights as intended by our forefathers in order to preserve the rest of those rights. The second amendemnt was intended to be the trigger that told us we were in trouble and we would know that because someone tried to take it from us. Tyanny is a foot when someone tries to deny you the second amendment and they would be the tyrants to enslave you!

  • MamaLiberty 5 years ago

    I'm done with the NRA. I will not be renewing my membership or instructor certificates. Really, REALLY tired of being run over by the bus.

    Just wish another organization had a nationwide, affordable training program. Perhaps, when the dust settles, something can be done about that.

  • JeffKnox 5 years ago

    Paul is absolutely right when he advises against resigning memberships. Do not quit! Only Life Members and Annual Members who have been members for 5 consecutive years are eligible to vote in NRA elections. If the "Hard Corps" drops out, who is left to guide it back to the straight and narrow? Your $35 a year (or less if you shop around) barely pays for your magazine. It is the extra money - responding to those obnoxious mailings, buying NRA merchandise and logo items, affinity programs like NRA credit cards, insurance, the NRA Wine Club, etc. - that really pays the bills. If you are a Life Member dropping out is like giving them free money. You paid those dues and they get to keep the money, but don't have to spend anything on servicing your membership. Stay in the NRA and help push it back in the right direction. Don't quit!
    As to a new organization, Dad never did it because he didn't believe it was feasible. He was right. Reform is our only hope and that requires Members.

  • CharlesP 5 years ago

    You seem to have your organizations mixed up.
    IT is the ANTI-GUN GROUPS, such as the Brady Campaign, that are RUN FOR THE BENEFIT OF THE FEW PEOPLE WHO ARE OFFICERS OF THE ORGANIZATION! These anti-gun groups have their initial funding from the CIA, to help the CIA with their plan (announced in 1968,Chicago Illinois) to get rid of private gun ownership, after which, they will obtain the long term goal to turn America into a Nazi Dictatorship (and crooked Illinois/Wisconsin JOINED THE CIA IN THIS PLAN- that is why they are anti-gun)!!!!
    Meanwhile, The NRA has done everything that is necessary to see that elections of Board members is FAIR AND HONEST!!!
    You do not have the guts to tell the truth, SO YOU CRITICIZE THE HONEST, DECENT NRA!!!
    Otherwise you would WRITE AGAINST those RESPONSIBLE-CONGRESS!

  • Paul V. 5 years ago

    Charles P. is apparently among the "NRA do or die" crowd, among whom criticism of the organization is considered blasphemy. The CIA conspiracy theory isn't worthy of comment. As for writing "against Congress," if you have ever read anything I have written you should know that I identify those responsible for attacks on individual liberty quite often.

    As for the NRA, I doubt you run gun rights organizations, because if you did, you would have experienced the sort of problems with the NRA that true activists experience every day. For every anti-Constitutional action from Congress, there is an enabler at the NRA. For example, watch what happens in November when the NRA endorses Harry Reid.

    But then, I've put out the facts for you to read (you did read the "Strange Bedfellows" column, right?) and you refuse to see the truth. Any effort to show you reality is wasted.


  • Armed Geek 5 years ago

    I sent the following to the NRA this morning:
    You fell for rule 13 right out of the Dem's handbook, "Rules for Radicals". You have been isolated from the other 2nd Amendment Groups.

    Chris Cox's and Wayne Lapierre's response on this has been completely unacceptable. I will support any candidate in the next Board election who runs on a platform of firing Cox and Lapierre, and removing any Executive Committee member who supported them in this matter.

    Worse than the initial kowtowing to the Dems has been Cox's and Lapierre's disingenuous defense of their actions.


  • Armed Geek 5 years ago

    Finally, if, as presented as a defense, the bill was going to pass anyway, the ILA's policy of supporting whoever is stronger/incumbent from either party is no longer effective. While it may have worked in the past, there is now no such thing as a pro-gun Democrat in the House or Senate. It MAY still work on the state and local level, It is obvious that the Dem leadership will break as many "blue-dogs" as necessary to pass any law they wish while allowing as many as possible to retain the cover of a NO vote.

    Another act of sheer stupidity has been endorsing John McCain, the idiot that started this whole campaign finance reform mess, over a FAR more conservative and reliably pro-gun J.D. Hayworth.

    Fix it now, guys, or start touching up your resumes.

  • Armed Geek 5 years ago

    Sorry for the error in my previous post. I should have said "back-stabbing idiot McCain".

    It's a durned shame that this broke after the convention instead of before it. ;^)

  • Dennis III 5 years ago

    It´s time for Wayne LaPierre to step down just like to many of the jerks in Washington. Wayne Ya sold out step down with grace while there is still a N.R.A.

  • Dennis III 5 years ago

    Another question for Wayne, Why doe´s John McCain still have a A raiting from the N.R.A.

  • Ross Wolf 5 years ago

    Disclose Act Will Choke First Amendment.

    The Neomarxist behind the Obama/FTC intend to drown out the voice of America with Obama/Marxist propaganda, enforcing new regulations that will cripple bloggers and other alternative media from disseminating information, free speech that grass-roots among other organizations depend on to make informed decisions. Obama’s support of the DISCLOSE Act confirmed what many Americans already believed; that Obama and certain Democrats in Congress intend to strangle the flow of information. If Obama and his leftists associations get their way, our Children will be brainwashed by Obama’s one-sided propaganda at school, through Obama controlled Radio, TV and Obama media policies that restrict the free flow of information. Historically when communists attempted or took over a country, one of their first steps was to control the media and all forms of public communications to control Civilian populations. When Russia took over Hungary, it immediately took

  • David Nelson 5 years ago

    As part of its current circus of distraction, NRA claims it is merely a "single-issue group" which fights for the Second Amendment. This week alone, has spent its time discussing illegal aliens. During the NRA Annual Meetings and Exhibits in May, NRA board of directors member and admitted government-documents shredder Oliver North lectured gay military-service members about honor and integrity. As just two examples, these aren't matters which are expressions of the NRA mission to support the Second Amendment. So, obviously the NRA grants itself the luxury of playing the field of politics. Now comes the NRA deal in the federal DISCLOSE Act. NRA is openly saying that its own members and board members are too stupid to know the reality of the bill. It says that only LaPierre and Cox are smart enough to protect our rights. After years of coming close to offending its supporters with several other matters, NRA has finally made itself infamous and its open secret very public.

  • straightarrow 5 years ago

    Oh yes! We understand. And that understanding is NRA's worst nightmare.

    I have been saying for years that the NRA is a gun control organization in disguise and nobody listens. Hell, we even individually compromise our opinions so we won't feel bad about our previous support for these traitorous bastards.

    Press release, my ass. There isn't anything they can say that a sane person can accept as justification for what they did.

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