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Discarded Tires Roll Into New Avenues

     Recycled tires have been used in the process of pavement for about twenty years now. More companies are discovering new ways to use our worn out tires. Products made from recycled rubber are equivalent or superior to virgin rubber and the demand for recycled rubber increases by about 10 percent each year.
      Greenman Technologies of Savage, Minnesota collects and processes over 12 million tires per year from the Midwest region of the US to serve various markets. They shipped over 7.7 million pounds of crumb rubber during the fiscal quarter for June 30, 2007. Net sales for that quarter totaled $5.3 million. This was a 13 percent increase over the same period in 2006.
US Rubber Recycling Inc. based in California manufactures flooring products that are made from recycled tires. They utilize over a million pounds of recycled rubber each year for their products. Their business generates about $5 million dollars each year.
       Rebound Rubber Recycling in Missouri has a patent for manufacturing rolled flat roofing systems for commercial use. A coated roof will last approximately 20 years and contains 89 percent recycled tires. The mixture can be coated with colored paint, and when coated with white, would also reflect heat. A layer of insulation can be added beneath the rubber to further increase thermal efficiency. They have designed it with an interlocking system similar to wood flooring so that if leaks form, they can be localized and easily patched, maximizing the lifespan of the roof. They are also working on a residential product in four foot rolls, standard shingle sizes and custom designed shingles.
      The power of positive thinking works for recycling. Along with preserving our earth, recycling technology creates jobs and profits from waste that was previously dumped into the land. Let’s pitch it in to the recycle bin!


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