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Disc Golf Tournament June 14th 9 am – 7 pm in Honor of Carly @ Mt. Holiday

Disc Golf Tournament June 14th 9 am – 7 pm in Honor of Carly @ Mt. Holiday
Disc Golf Tournament June 14th 9 am – 7 pm in Honor of Carly @ Mt. Holiday
Carly's Angels

In loving memory of 16-year-old Carly Jean Lewis, Carly’s Playground was established in 2011 after her disappearance and slaying just before her 17th birthday.

Disc Golf Tournament June 14th 9 am – 7 pm in Honor or Carly @ Mt. Holiday
Todd Lewis

Made up of a group of ten professional and amateur disc golfers, the Carly Jean Lewis Playground is a non-profit organization dedicated to the youth in surrounding communities, and the growth of disc golf as a healthy family activity. Carly’s Angels compete locally and nationally; and hold an annual tournament in honor of the young life lost.

Whether her Angels are competing, building courses, coaching, or giving kids their first disc, they give simply for the love of the game. They share that with all who will listen as it is the organizations hope to extend a hand of friendship and enhance the quality of life to all who embrace the sport.

Carly’s Angels consist of Carly’s father, Todd Lewis, Scott Lammers, Gregg Hosfield, Tony Gerou, Josh Johnston, Jake Kohler, Eric Lucyk, Rick Boyd, and Cheryl Oliverius, all friends and family of Carly Lewis. To learn more about her Angels, please visit:

Saturday, June 14, 2014 is the 3rd Annual Disc Golf Tournament at Mt. Holiday, 3100 Holiday Rd., Traverse City (49686), from 9 am – 7 pm.

Carly’s Playground at Mt. Holiday was designed by 3-Time World Champion Gregg Hosfield and Carly’s father, Todd Lewis, with the help of many good friends and volunteers. In the full season, Carly’s Playground is ranked in the top ten in Michigan.

“Our mission is to provide a positive attraction, beautiful atmosphere, and escape while staying focused on the very details our clients communicate to us. What we do is our life passion, and exceeding expectations is always our goal. We love disc golf and we want to share that with others by building more courses in more places.”

CJLP relies on sponsorships and donations to continue their work with young people throughout the community. No challenge is too large or small for the staff of talented and imagination driven, artists and disc golfers. Specializing in professional, recreational, and theme-based course designs, this team will travel anywhere to bring the joy of this sport to your community.

Primarily by design and installation of new courses, Carly’s Playground hopes to bring disc golf to more people around the world. They offer a Disc’s for Kids program, as well as several events and tournaments, for all ages, throughout the year.

“We wanted to honor my beloved daughter and give back to her friends, school, and our community with a special emphasis on ‘at risk and disadvantaged youth.’” Todd stated. “Everyone can play disc golf! It’s a social sport of strategy that provides great exercise and gets you outside. Kids need all of that and a safe place to do it.”

Please join the community and friends and family or Carly Jean Lewis this Saturday, June 14th for a day of disc golf, food and fun, and cake and ice cream. This event is free to the public, but donations are greatly appreciated!

“You will never be sorry if you install a Disc Golf course in your facility. You will be honored by the players and take great comfort in the fact that Disc Golf will change your park, and perhaps you will be as fortunate as I am, and Disc Golf will change your life, as it has mine.” – Ed Headrick, Sports Creator & Inventor of the Frisbee

For more information on Carly’s Angels and the Carly Jean Lewis Playground, please visit

Questions? Want to make a donation? Sponsor? Other? Call Todd Lewis at 231-631-1542 or reach him by e-mail at

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