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Disc golf sets offer a great starting point for buying discs


Disc Golf Basket

For people new to the sport of disc golf, buying discs can be a bit overwhelming.  The selection of discs available is vast with many variables to consider.  Discs are fairly inexpensive, generally running between about $8 to $16.  There is an assortment of brands, models, and types of plastic.  Fortunately, two of the largest disc manufacturers, Innova and Discraft, offer beginner sets with everything needed to start out.

These starter packs come with a driver, a multipurpose mid-range disc, and a putter.  Typically, these beginner packs are a little lighter in weight.  Lighter discs are a bit easier to throw and do not take as much arm strength to get decent distance.  Beginners should try and get discs around 150 grams. 

Innova provides two different options for starter sets.  The DX disc starter pack is the more affordable of the two and is manufactured using Innova’s less expensive plastic.  This bundle is perfect for first timers who are giving the sport a try.  Their other available set is a Champion starter pack.  It is a bit more expensive but features some of Innova’s premium plastic.  These discs are little more challenging to throw than the DX discs. 

The Discraft beginner set is a little different in that instead of having two different sets, one for the cheaper plastic and one for the premium plastic, they sell one pack that has both.  The Discraft pack comes with a driver and mid-range in their less expensive plastic, called Pro-D plastic, and a putter made of their more expensive, Elite-X plastic. 

Disc Golf sets take the guesswork out of buying discs and provide everything needed to get started, right out of the box.  They are a great way for brand new disc golfers to get out there and learn to throw.

For more info:  Check out further analysis of each set listed above (coming soon) and visit Disc Golf Center for a great selection of discs. 

*Update:  The Innova DX information is now up

*Update 2:  Innova Champion and Discraft info is up as well