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Disc golf and bad drivers

A couple of weeks ago was a special week in in Minnesota for disc golf. The biggest disc golf tournament in Minnesota, the Minnesota majestic. Ray Jordan, the owner of Blue Ribbon Pines has the course set up in the majestic set for a few weeks ahead of the tournament. It is a bit harder but its fun to play to have a comparison of how good the top pros really are.

merging traffic
Photo by Scott Olson/Getty Images

As a matter of fact, a few years ago I played my best round at BRP when it was set up for the Majestic. I felt everything was working great that day and I shot an 86, which is a great score for most people, then I see Cale comes and plays a practice round and shoots a 71.

Anyway,so I was on my way to get in my 2 rounds in the Majestic set up, and something that seems to happen all the time, happened to me 3 times in the same trip on my way to play. Have you guys in other parts of the country noticed this, or is this just a Minnesota thing?

I'm getting on the highway, and the car in front of me is going 40 mph all the way down the entrance ramp, until he gets on the highway, then he speeds up to highway speed. Two more times driving on the highway in that trip, I observed the same thing from 2 other drivers while getting on the highway. Don't these people realize that the approach lane you enter the highway on is for getting up to speed so you can merge with existing traffic?

The concept of entrance ramps is a great idea for keeping traffic flowing smoothly if people would use the lanes as they are meant to be used. This is not as bad as the ones who come to the bottom of the ramp and then stop until it`s clear for a mile or so, then pull on the highway.

It seems silly that it's needed, but I think we need a special driving school patrol that will drive around looking for these people, pull them over and explain to them the process of merging. The concept of merging does not seem hard to understand.

That`s enough ranting for me, let me know if this is everywhere, or it’s something that we in Minnesota have to put up with. then head out to one of the fine Twin cities courses, play some great disc golf and forget about the people who can’t figure out the simple concepts in merging.

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