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Disaster Recovery Plan For Your Pictures

As we become reliant on digital storage for our family pictures, we need to ensure we have a plan for any disasters that may occur. Just because they are on digital storage,they are not 100% safe. They can become corrupt or defective.

Most of our pictures are stored on PC, iPad/iPod or mobile phone. We are constantly snapping pictures on whatever device we have handy.

Please take a moment and determine a disaster recovery plan for all your pictures. My recommendation is to store your picture files on your PC in folders by dates. An example of a folder name would be "April 2014". Make a copy of all your pictures on an external storage device and then make a copy on DVD Double Sided Disc. Take the DVD copies to your bank safety deposit box or give to a friend or family member. You want a backup at a different location in case you have a fire at your home or your digital storage on your PC becomes corrupt.

Also, you can use Cloud storage companies but you have to understand the cost and the privacy of your personal pictures.

Just take my advice to ensure you don't lose your precious memories in your pictures. You will not be able to replace them if you don't have a disaster recovery plan in place.

Have a great day!!!!


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