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Disappearing object phenomenon can drive you crazy

Have you ever gone to look for something where you know you left it but it just isn’t there? For example, you have a specific place where you hang your keys when you come in the door but for some unknown reason you go to get them on your way out again and they just aren’t there.

Items like keys seem to disappear on us from time to time.
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Oftentimes, we can chalk this up to poor memory about where we put the object in the first place.

However, there have been countless reported cases in which an object have disappeared and then reappeared either in a strange and unexpected location or in a most unusual way. In fact, there are also cases where a person has seen said object reappear right in front of their eyes.

This is called the ‘disappearing object phenomenon’ (DOP). Although difficult to document and even more difficult to prove, DOP does happen. In one of the stories in my book, Glimpses 2: (it could happen to you!), a young couple could not find their baby’s bottle. As the wife stood dumbfounded in the kitchen, her husband stood in the doorway. While he stood wondering where the bottle could possibly be, it suddenly dropped down from the ceiling right over his head!

I have had difficulty finding a lot of things over the years, especially if I put them in a place where they normally would not go due to being in a rush to do something else. However, there have been other instances that I truly wonder about because there are people who have experienced this phenomenon and have also had poltergeist activity or resident ghosts that like to play tricks on the living.

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