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Disappearing Acts and Dating.


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When it comes to internet dating one question that keeps coming up  over and over again is why didn't they call back? 

Internet dating.  It's tough.  It's hard enough to find mutual attraction through pictures and profiles, but it's even harder after you meet.  Oh, it starts out great. You see someone's profile that sparks your interest or they are sparked by your profile so you start e-mailing each other.  Things are going well.  You find out you have a lot of common interests and are looking for the same things in life and love.  You call and talk and then you decide to meet for dinner or lunch.  Even that turns out to be really nice.  Things went very well or so you thought.  They even called you back several times after you met, so you are thinking you finally met someone who might be a great fit for you, when all of a sudden...ABRACADABRA POOF!  They do what I call  "the disappearing act".  For no reason at all, they seemed to have fallen off the face of the earth and are gone just like that and never heard from again.  So you ask yourself why?  Why would someone go through all that trouble of meeting you and calling you after that and acting like they are interested only to just stop calling or never contact you again?  What did you do wrong?  What secrets are they hiding?   A billion questions come up and you beat yourself up about it, thinking was it something you said or did or did they meet someone else? Were they married and got caught? (That does happen too, but that's another story) Who knows, but it's an awful feeling and can sometimes shake your self-esteem. 

I hear this one time and time again and I know how it feels, because this happened to me recently, so after much thinking, I realized one thing. YOU did nothing wrong.  There is something wrong within the other person if they treat you like that.  So if  something like this happens to you and you are still questioning why, ask yourself this: Would you really want someone who just tosses you aside like that in your life anyway, no matter what the reasons may be?  The answer is easy.  NO.  Why would you want to be with someone who so obviously doesn't want to be with you? Don't ever doubt your self-worth, and believe me, there will be doubts that come up when it comes to internet dating, but remember that you deserve better and always remain true to yourself. So if someone does "the disappearing act" on you, be glad they did you the favor of disappearing sooner rather than later.  

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Hang in there, on-line lovers, keep moving forward and never look back.  I'm still hopeful and I hope you are too, and if you have any questions, suggestions, or want to hear more from me, just click on my bio above and subscribe.  You can also e-mail me directly at

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  • Ed 5 years ago

    I'm 35 and have tried online dating as well as what I deem It's Just a Rip-Off. They didn't get any of my matches right in the 3 months I was with them and they charged an arm and a leg($1K). I like my ladies within the ages 24-35 so it could just be me.

    I've met more quality people as an organizer of LV Singles and Vegas' Happy Hour on meetup than any of these bogus organizations.

  • Cami 5 years ago

    Ed,I think you have a lot of valid points. I've found it discouraging as well. I'd love to know more about your organizations for LV singles and Vegas Happy Hours, so write me back (see above at my bio) and give me some more information so I can write about them. Thanks Ed...I appreciate your candid comments.

  • Amanda 5 years ago

    Thanks Cami. Good article. I'm sorry someone treated you like that. I had the exact thing happen to me last September and I'm still not over it. I met him online and the first time I ever did that. he was a great guy, successful, good looking, and he acted so interested. We met, talked and emailed after and then one day HE WAS GONE. No goodbye, no explanation and I was in love with a broken heart. I tried to find out what happened but couldn't so I gave up on that, but here I am 7 months later and still feeling low. I don't want anyone to go through it but it is comforting that other people understand it. I wouldn't recommend online dating to anyone. Thanks

  • Cami 4 years ago

    I'm sorry its taken so long for me to reply...I wish you had written to me personally, so please do, as I would like to help. You can write me personally at the above e-mail address through my myspace as, again, I would like to talk to you about shouldn't still feel this way after 7 months so I hope you see this and write me. Again, I would really like to help.


  • Anonymous 3 years ago

    I actually went out with Cami and "thought" we had a great date and then heard nothing back from her. What a joke! It would have been nice to hear something back, even if she didn't feel anything. How funny I came across this!

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